NYX Lipstick

This Is Why NYX Butter Lipstick Is So Famous!

Nyx butter lipstick: It is simply unthinkable to imagine a women’s cosmetic bag without lipstick! For flawless makeup, it’s hard to try to do without this great invention. After all, it’s with the assistance of lipstick that you simply can emphasize the form of the lips, also give them a seductive color and volume. the planet famous NYX Professional Makeup line offers beautiful ladies flawless lipstick within the finest reminder NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lipstick. This is often an excellent option for both daytime and evening make-up!

By that specialize in the lips, you’ll emphasize your sensuality and sexuality. and therefore the pleasantly soft texture will definitely not leave you indifferent to the # 1 lip product! The Nyx lipstick is of fantastic quality, it fits perfectly on the lips, without spreading and without making the makeup heavier. With graceful ease, you’ll create a plump, plump look that will not leave you unnoticed. a gorgeous palette of the foremost exquisite colors will pleasantly surprise lovers of cosmetics. Give your lips a luster and seductive volume!

Nyx Butter Lipstick Swatches

I’m finally having the time to place together this blog post! I always love finding lip swatch pictures and videos so I assumed you’d enjoy it!

NYX Butter Lipstick swatches are a touch hit and miss when it involves pigmentation. Personally, I do not really mind because it makes a number of these more wearable. With many shades, there’s definitively a shade for everybody. they do not smell like anything and therefore the more pigmented shades are those that last the longest. Really comfortable on the lips, they literally desire a lip balm!

Nyx Butter Lipstick Review

Snow Cap: this is often the foremost neutral brown shade of the sunshine colors and it’s sheer. it’s darker than Sugar Waffer and more neutral brown.

Fun Size: this is often my favorite everyday color of these! Perfect nude pink shade. Sheer enough that you simply don’t need a mirror to use it but enough to nude out my lips!

Bit of Honey: This one may be a little too milky for my taste. it’s fine in pictures but it tends to stress any lines or dry patches. Under lipgloss, it might be perfect as an orangy-warm nude color. Again it’s pretty sheer!

Hubba Bubba: Hubba Bubba- a sheer but yet buildable light pinky cool tone shade. It does emphasize your imperfections but the color is worth exfoliating your lips!

Candy Buttons: Beautiful coral shade! it might be a perfect Nyx ripe berry swatch for spring and summer.

NYX Lipstick

Cotton Candy: Bright pink shade, it comes off brighter than what it’s like within the tube. it’s darker than Hubba Bubba.

Gumdrop:  A mid-tone pink that basically must be build-up to seem brighter. Unless you’re keen on this shade I might skip it.

Lollies: this is often one of my favorites! it is a bright pinky coral. If you’re more Tan I might stand back because its white base could be harder to tug off.

Fireball: Orangy red shade. On my lips, it’s pigmented but it’s because my lips are already a reddish color. On the swatch, you’ll really see how sheer it’s. Again if that is what you wish Fireball is for you.

Hot Tamale: Super pigmented orange shade! Perfect for summer. If you are looking for an orange lipstick that features a little bit of red in it Hot Tamale would be for you! It’s one of my favorite.

Razzle: Bright purple-pink shade Razzle is often build-up to the present shade or worn sheerer. If you’re frightened of bright pinks this is often a simple thanks to starting!

Hunk: do not be scared by this shade. it’s dark within the tube but it goes on sheer and you’ll build it up to the present beautiful purple shade. I fell crazy with this shade and that I can’t await fall to wear it!
If you’re into these sort of Nyx professional makeup butter lipstick swatches, you would like this one!

Nyx Butter Lipstick Pops

Nyx Pops is obviously an awesome nude color for darker skin! On me, it’s more sort of a mauve brown that I could wear during fall. It’s sheer but buildable.

Nyx Butter Lipstick Tan Lines

  • The unique texture of Nyx tan lines lipstick seems to melt onto the lips, giving full, yet lightweight coverage with an expensive satin finish
  • Nyx tan lines are Full coverage lipstick that seems like it melts on the lips
  • This lightweight formula is non-sticky and deposits high impact color with only one stroke

Nyx ripe berry

I got this Nyx Butter Lipstick Ripe Berry and that I absolutely fell crazy with it. I own tons of lipsticks, this Nyx ripe berry swatch is one of my favorites. It keeps my lips hydrated and therefore the color is so creamy and delightful looking. It goes on smoothly and lasts. If I’m in a hurry it only takes a second to use and it makes me look great. I’ve gotten tons of compliments thereon.

NYX lipstick

Additionally, if you would like to hold more, you’ll definitely try below NYX Butter lipstick swatches too…

Nyx Butter Lipstick Moonlit Night

The formula’s delicate satin texture fused with highly saturated color delivers full-yet-lightweight coverage with an expensive satin finish.

Nyx Butter Lipstick Seashell

Extremely soft, the creamy formula will pamper your lips. It adds extraordinary softness and intense, tempting color to lips. Additionally, it provides good coverage and an opulent, satin finish.

Nyx Butter Lipstick Boardwalk

I recently tried the Suede Nyx but didn’t like it because it is kinda matte. Well, this lipstick isn’t in the least. it’s a really nice color, I really like the moisturizing feeling and on behalf of me, it had been long-lasting. I will be able to be searching for more of those to feature in my lipstick collection!

Nyx Pops Butter Lipstick

The lipstick comes during a traditional bullet packaging, the color of the lipstick case is that the shade of the lipstick itself so, it’s super easy to select this one out once you need it. I feel only, for this reason, I reach bent it more often, especially once I don’t want to consider the color I’m picking.

Nyx pops Explosif review

The Nyx butter pops lipstick is extremely buttery to the touch and glides once I swatch on my hands. It’s a creamy finish with no sparkle or shimmer. I might not call it matte/flat, since it quite looks glistening, but I feel you’d understand. once I apply, it smoothes right, but sometimes settles into lines once I don’t exfoliate. It doesn’t moisturize/dry out my lips. I don’t need an ointment or anything and my lips don’t crave moisture. But Nyx butter pops isn’t exactly hydrating.

I feel the name butter lipstick corresponds to the feel and not the extent of hydration.
The Nyx butter lipstick pops also features a weird “chemically” smell. I don’t love it but it fades away and isn’t very pronounced. I’m personally okay with it since it fades away soon. If this bothers you in the least, beware. However, it doesn’t have a taste.

Have you tried any one of the shades from Nyx Butter Lipstick?