NYX Lipstick

5 Colors in NYX Lipstick Lip Bundle & Color Jolt Intense Lip Plant

NYX Lipstick Lip Bundle has to be one of everyone’s favorites ever!

NYX Lipstick

All the 3 colors picked for this lip bundle are super gorgeous. While Love Bug still remains to be everyone’s favorite of all time, people have often shaken off their loyalty towards it while they try out new fun shades from NYX Lipstick.

And if you are still wondering, you should try Calypso and Perky. They are such beautiful neutral shades that would suit anyone anytime. Though you might want to line the lips and prep them a bit if you have pigmented lips like mine, overall they are super awesome!

But first, here are the 3 shades from “NYX Lipstick”

NYX Lipstick Love Bug is a rich deep mahogany shade. Its application is by far the most flawless and the formula long-lasting amongst the few others from NYX Lipstick. If you are looking for a soft yet darker hue and not a bright one, then this one is for you.

This is also a perfect transitional color and can be mixed with other softer hues for a totally new color altogether.

NYX Lipstick “Mama” is a beautiful burnt orange color. It is a perfect summer color plus a wonderful day wear lip color too. But the only thing that makes people bothered is that this color not only washed them out completely, it also peels like crazy!

Remember Rooch? Mama is like its sister!

This color is not even compatible with other softer or darker shades for color cocktailing.

NYX Lipstick Calypso is the 3rd and the last shade from the Up and Away Lip Bundle. After Love Bug, this is the best shade from this bundle. And since it is the soft neutral shade of the lot, it is also the perfect color for summer and day wear! It has a lovely satiny finish and finishes off as a soft mid-tone pink. It might not be as long-lasting as other matte shades but it definitely doesn’t dry out the lips like others and doesn’t settle into fine lines either.

This one is definitely a keeper!

So those were the three shades from ”NYX Lipstick” and Away Lip bundle. These three shades are even sold separately and cost around 6$ a color.

If you want to skip the mama or another color, it’s a better deal if you purchase the shades you like separately.


NYX Lipstick Lip Studio Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint Collection has 8 fabulous colors and today I have two to show you –

Stripped Down and Violet Rebel

By the first look of it, if you haven’t guessed, these are high gloss lip colors (if that makes any sense) and pack a punch of color! The formula is so intense, that you need a tiny drop of color to fill the lips. And for a change, these come in a tube style with the cushion on the tip which I think is pretty fancy!

Claims –

NYX Lipstick Lip Studio Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint delivers shocking color and shine.

Here are the 8 shades from the NYX Lipstick Lip Studio Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint Collection

What people love –

  • Its packaging is fancy
  • Has a vanilla fruity scent
  • Keeps the lips soft and hydrated
  • Doesn’t settle in fine lines
  • Its texture is luxurious
  • Finish is flawless
  • A tiny amount of product is enough to fill the lips

What people don’t Love –

  • Smudges easily
  • Needs a lip liner
  • It needs a lip brush to apply
  • Its cushion tip absorbs a lot of product (if not being careful)

As much as people loved the fancy packaging and all, the cushion tip is a bummer for everyone!

The first time some of my known’s ended up squeezing a lot of product than required and in no time saw that the tip has absorbed. If not careful, the product can end pretty fast!

And since it, an intense gloss (and with summer just around the corner) using a matching or a slightly darker lip liner seems to give better results. And if you don’t want product wastage, using a lip brush to fill in the lips seems to do the trick.

However, using the cushion tip definitely gives a flawless application. It also means the right amount of product is applied on lips and the rest is back on the cushion tip!

And like always using a lip liner helps. It not only protects the gloss from smudging, it also gives the précised application too.

Unfortunately, just like any other gloss, it smudges. But here’s the trick!

Dab a tissue over the lips to turn this intense gloss into semi-matte!

(Using fingertips also seems to give a similar effect)

As much as people complain about smudging, these colors have an amazing formula and finish. Wish these were convenient to buy!

What do you think of NYX Lipstick and Lip Bundle Colors and NYX LIPSTICK LIP STUDIO COLOR JOLT INTENSE LIP PAINT? Which one is your favorite?