Nyx Professional Makeup, Nyx Lipstick

Nyx Professional Makeup: Tips & Reviews

Nyx Professional Makeup base total control Nyx and Nyx Matte lipsticks tend to last longer than the pearly or glossy variety. They’re going to also empathize (and enhance) any dryness so make certain your lips aren’t really dry or flaky before applying.

For Base total control Nyx and Nyx lipstick longevity, use some loose powder between coats.
Many of the new “all-dayNyx Professional Makeup lipsticks live up to their promise and truly do last for hours.

Be warned though – they will be really drying. Most accompany a tube or stick of gloss that ought to be reapplied fairly frequently to avoid flaking and cracking.



Moisturize your lips before putting on Nyx Professional Makeup lipstick. Apply your favorite lip treatment and let it absorb for a couple of minutes, then blot it off and you’re ready for color!

A dark-colored lipstick will draw attention to the form and size of your mouth. If you pine for plump lips but are working with those of the more “petite” variety, avoid deep shades – they’ll only make your lips look thinner.

A smudge of a lighter colored, shiny lipstick (or gloss) on the center of your bottom lip will offer you a touch more pout. If your teeth are on the yellow side, avoid lipsticks with tons of brown in them.


Nyx Professional Makeup, Nyx Lipstick

When lining your lips, follow their shape. While it’s going to be tempting to form up for where you are feeling you’re lacking – say, by drawing outside of the road to form your lips appear larger – it’ll just find yourself looking obvious and messy.

Use a neutral-colored Nyx Professional Makeup’s pencil to line and fill in lips. Coloring your entire mouth not only gives lipstick an excellent base but also wards off the scary two-toned look that was big within the ”70s
If you want a natural look with just a touch of color, use a lip liner during a shade that’s on the brink of the natural color of your lips, and top it with a touch of clear gloss.

Use eyeshadow primer beneath your under-eye concealer. It’ll prevent creasing and can last longer throughout the day.

  1. To stop any quite cakey-ness on the nose, blend UPWARD.
  2. Wipe excess mascara off your brush before you apply it.
  3. Take a tissue and wipe off any chunks of mascara on your brush. it’ll keep your lashes from looking clumpy.
  4. No, you will not sacrifice volume, as you will be ready to apply 10 coats of mascara, clump-free!
  5. Don’t waste money on a high-end mascara.
  6. Seriously, mascara goes bad quick. It is a haven for bacteria and you do not want to use an equivalent tube for quite 3 months. Budget stuff (Nyx Lipstick) is Great. It works even as well as high-end stuff. Trust me. Don’t blow your money.
  7. Put a drop of lavender volatile oil in your mascara. In a few weeks, you will have lashes for miles. You’ll thank me later! (Make sure you are not employing a synthetic lavender though, it can ruin mascara)
  8. This is not the maximum amount of a makeup trick because it is for future beauty.


I do not care if it’s overcast outside or if it’s effin’ snowing. I recommend you to always wear Nyx Professional Makeup sunscreen foundations every day of your life from now on.

“Awh, but I won’t get tan!” I do not care…

Let your friends get tan and knowledge wrinkles before they’re 30. The sun ages you.

Do not believe me?

Check out a farmer who spends all day in the sun. The sun causes blackheads. They’re called “solar comedones” and you do not want them.

They are not proven to figure any better. SPF 30 may be a good amount. Also, be picky about what you set on your face. Oxybenzone may be a chemical found during a lot of sunscreens which will whack your hormone levels and even speed up cancer. Avoid that chemical!

Your foundation and face makeup isn’t lasting all day? Boohoo, you’re buying the incorrect stuff

You put on your Nyx Professional Makeup primer, your foundation, and your concealer, and that they aren’t lasting quite 2 hours. Here’s why. they have to possess an equivalent base ingredient.

If your primer is water-based and your foundation is oil-based, they will not work together. There are three major base ingredients in makeup: water (aqua), oil, and silicone.

Don’t use products that each one has separate base ingredients. Confirm all of your makeup is that the same ingredient base.


Okay, if you’ve got a drugstore foundation that works great for you, then good for you. You’re lucky. Unfortunately, everyone’s skin is different and therefore the same product won’t work for everybody. You ought to be picky about what you set on your face. Check out the ingredients of a product and research what they’re.

Check out reviews before buying. Your foundation is literally the bottom of your look. If your foundation is crap, there are no thanks to hiding it. Plow ahead and invest in a product that basically works for you. Here are my recommendations, but remember, I’m a good skinned cool-toned girl with slightly drier skin:


Base total control NYX is blendable. And better of all, it’ll NOT CAKE YOU OUT. Every other foundation makes the corners of my nose look crusty. This doesn’t. Try this.
This stuff has the simplest coverage at the simplest price. It comes during a pretty good color range and works great on oily skin. Although I encourage you to take a position in the foundation, this was the sole drugstore foundation I liked.

Fortunately, I got this shade at some point, and that I ordered it stupidly twice. I had heard really goodies about this foundation and also its packaging tempted me tons to shop for this. to understand more about this Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation, please keep reading my views which I even have elaborated below.


From sheer to full, your ideal coverage is simply dropped away with Nyx Lipstick’s new Base total control Nyx foundation. First-class-tune this velvety, matte foundation with the protected dropper.  Simply adjust the number of drops until you create the design you’re feelin’ today.


Add more drops! Buff expertly using the entire control drop foundation brush for a seriously smooth finish.


Take your coverage from sheer to full as you still add drops. Apply and blend using the bottom total control Base total control Nyx Foundation Brush for a shocking finish.

In Detail NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review, Swatches and My Experience

Nyx Professional Makeup, Nyx Lipstick

Nyx Total Control Drop foundation comes packed during a black rectangle mini cardboard box with fewer information printed thereon.

The box is misplaced by my sister so pitying that but the knowledge provided there’s not up to the mark.
The actual foundation comes poured during a sturdy frosted glass bottle with Nyx logo and range name printed thereon in black.

The bottle comes with a dropper cap and it closes tightly ensuring that the swatch is travel friendly.
The Nyx Lipstick’s foundation dropper picks the proper amount of the merchandise preventing wastage. The bottle is sort of small and also the number provides is simply 13 ml which is small expensive to me considering that it’s a drugstore brand. But, overall I actually loved its inner packaging, especially that dropper quite an applicator.

The Nyx Lipstick foundation doesn’t have any smell thereto which is certainly an enormous pro on behalf of me. The inspiration comes in a total of 17 shades which is basically amazing as all our Indian beauties will certainly find their perfect shades during this foundation.

More About NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

This foundation is so velvety in texture. It glides on my skin so smoothly. You’ll apply this together with your fingers, brush, or a beauty blender. It’ll do its job perfectly. For extra coverage, I observe this with my buffing brush.

The Base total control Nyx isn’t heavy. In fact, it’s very lightweight. This is often excellent for this hot and humid weather. Coverage of Nyx total control drop foundation depends on the way you’re applying it. For heavy coverage accompany an honest quality foundation brush.

Lastly, for a no-makeup look or sheer coverage, you’ll apply it together with your fingers. This is often really not true. In fact, for medium or full coverage we’d like quite 10 drops of this Nyx Lipstick foundation.

The foundation features a demi-matte finish. It doesn’t completely settle into matte. It’ll suit all skin type beauties perfectly. Except for really dry skin girls, they’ll need an honest hydrating primer. I exploit this with its Nyx Total Control Drop Primer which I even have reviewed here.

And therefore the finish it provides is amazing and flawless. Nyx total control drop foundation doesn’t accentuate pores or cause breakouts a minimum of on behalf of me. Nyx total control drop foundation stays for an honest 6 hours and even more sometimes.

It doesn’t oxidize easily and doesn’t make my face oilier as time goes. But after 6 hours blotting face and applying an honest Nyx Professional Makeup powder is compulsory on behalf of me as my t zone becomes oily.


  • Nice and luxe packaging
  • Comes with a dropper and does cause product wastage
  • Travel Friendly
  • It comes in an array of shades
  • Girls can definitely find their perfect match during this foundation
  • Liquidy, light texture
  • Gives a velvety finish
  • Demi matte
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Suitable for greasy sensitive skin
  • Availability is straightforward with online retailers and NYX Professional makeup stores as well
  • Stays permanently for about 6 hours


  • Glass bottle handle with care
  • Quantity is a smaller amount as compared to its price

What are your experiences with Nyx Professional Makeup foundations?