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Liquid NYX Lipstick- All You Need To Know About Vinyl Gel

Liquid NYX Lipstick is back again with another set of gorgeous lip colors and they are anything but ordinary!

This range is particularly an array of beautiful hues from pinks to purples, corals to reds. And unlike the previous collection, these are mesmerizingly beautiful as they leave a beautiful tint behind which stays on till you remove!

Enough said, here are the 7 colors and the swatches from the Vinyl Gel Liquid NYX Lipstick.

The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Liquid NYX Lipstick

Here’s what it claims –

Super-light in the formula, these Liquid NYX Lipstick goes on like a gel. Their ultra-smooth plexiglass finish comes in 8 intense shades. These are non-sticky with extreme color coverage. They glide on easily for super-slick lips with perfect color clarity. Their conditioning formula keeps lips feeling soft and supple. These colors are definite head-turners.

Corals, Oranges & Reds

Tangerine Tango– This is a beautiful peach color which almost goes super light on lips. If you are looking for something different plus a sheer color for the beach look, then this is the perfect fit!

Malibu Blush– This color is like a mix of Tangerine Tango and Pink Mambo. With the strong tone of the pink and subtle undertone of coral, it is one of the prettiest shades in this collection.

Pink Mambo– This color looks like a strawberry-raspberry slushie. It is a beautiful pink which suits any skin tone. Plus, this leaves a beautiful pink tint behind after the gloss is gone

Sunset Burst– This is a beautiful red that is neither too strong in color nor light. This can be toned down to a beautiful natural red lip tint and can be worn for any occasion

Pinks & Purples

Hot Flamingo– This is lighter than the Magnetic Magenta and Purple Rumba, this color walks the fine line between the pink and the purple color

Magnetic Magenta– This one is a beautiful bright pink which is gorgeous to wear any time any day. While it might be a bit too much for office wear, it can be easily toned down using the fingertip

Purple Rumba– This is a bright purple shade and definitely a head-turner. While this is my favorite of all, it is also not an easy color to carry off with any outfit or for any occasion.



Liquid NYX Lipstick Baby Lips Color Changing Lip Balm has struck many in awe. And I am no exception. The recent launch – NYX Lipstick Baby Lips Glow Balm was the latest addition to the color-changing lip colors category.

Just slide on this NYX Lipstick’s- Baby Lips Glow Balm on the pucker and it adjusts the color based on your body pH level – expects a soft hue of pink to the bright pink (varies based on the skin tone too).

Brands like Lipstick Queen and MAC may have got us excited with the color-changing products but Liquid NYX Lipstick sis the one that has won the hearts with the drugstore option!

Here’s what NYX Lipstick Baby Lips Glow Balm claims

  • Get the glow!
  • pH color transforming lip balm
  • Reveals your ideal, custom shade of pink
  • Hydrates for four hours

What I Love –

  • Instantly nourishes the lips and makes them soft and supple
  • Applies as lip balm and slowly catches on the color
  • It adjusts the color according to the pH level
  • Gives out a faint glow which makes even the driest of lips look naturally healthy
  • Leaves behind a faint tint of pink on lips that last for hours
  • Comes in a super cute packing
  • It has a faint scent of vanilla

What I do not Love –

None at the moment (other than not available in India yet)

On a side note, if you have heavily pigmented lips; then this is not for you. Liquid NYX Lipstick Baby Lips Glow Balm helps to get that natural pink pucker. This might hardly show any difference if you have pigmented lips.

That said, if you have been obsessed with color-changing lipsticks and lip balms (remember the 90’s best selling lip colors?), then this will surely please you. Otherwise too, I think Liquid NYX Lipstick has done a fabulous job of coming up with a drugstore product in the color-changing technology. Beauty Junkies like me are totally gaga over this and am pretty sure you will love it. So go get your hands on this one already!

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On a side note, these colors are comparatively sheer to the matte mousse lip colors which Liquid NYX Lipstick launched earlier. That makes these colors super easy to tone down and leave it as a sheer tint!

Plus, mixing up these colors has been so much fun to get a color like I never had before! More on that soon…

Have you tried any Liquid NYX Lipsticks The ONE Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Liquid Lipsticks? Which one is your favorite?