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Nyx Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick: My Review

Raise your main objectives with Nyx Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick! Our past smooth bestie comes in 12 lavishly pigmented conceals that leave lips with a silk Nyx super cliquey matte lipstick swatches completion.

Highlighting a super-delicate tear molded projectile that embraces your lips, this NYX Lipstick likewise makes it simple for you to a precise line that pretty frown.

Need somewhat more lip tone?

Give the clicker a push to administer the perfect measure of Nyx Super Cliquey lipstick.


NYX Professional Makeup’s Nyx Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick consolidates an exceptional and imaginative bundling contrasted with the customary shot cased NYX Lipstick. The Nyx super cliquey glossy lipstick tube fuses a shading coded bundling that compares to the lipstick shade and assists with recognizing the shade without any problem. These Nyx super cliquey matte lipstick swatches have a catch at the underside that must be clicked to ask the NYX super cliquey glossy lipstick up.

The length of the NYX Super Cliquey lip shading taking off relies upon the number of days you click the catch at the underside. It’s essentially practically like turning a customary lipstick slug all over. Only that during this case, the interesting snap component keeps the full thing slick and clean by administering the predetermined measure of the item for the correct application.


The state of the NYX Super Cliquey lipstick is of a tear-drop which assists with covering and fill your lips inside the ideal path during the absolute. Notwithstanding, with rehashed use, the structure gets disintegrated and you may confront trouble in shading your lips impeccably. Also, when you snap to incite some item out, you can’t push it back inside the bottle. This may be a potential con for the purchasers.

Something else which I feel is that the little amount gave at this tag of NYX Lipstick. Other ordinary lipsticks from NYX Lipstick have a greater amount and are accessible at a far lower cost. By and large, the trick of a tick component was cool and intriguing yet I don’t think it increases the value of the bundling at all. I am enthusiastic about Nyx super cliquey glossy lipstick durable and travel-accommodating bundling.


nyx super cliquey,nyx lipstick

The ‘Nyx super cliquey matte lipstick empowered’ shade is another delightful shade during this reach. It’s a splendid purplish berry conceal that has pink hints to that. It’s an unobtrusive combination of purple and fuchsia tone, which looks so energetic once you wear it.

The Nyx super cliquey matte lipstick swatches shade is essentially lovely and can supplement reasonable for medium skin tones consummately. Since the shading is somewhat splendid and poppy, it’s very not wearable for office and formal gatherings.

You’ll wear this shade to an early lunch excursion or a late evening trip with companions. In case you’re attempting to discover mauve and pink lipsticks, you’ll certainly do that out.


I love lipsticks that have a matte completion and this scope of lipsticks was anything but difficult to figure with. The shading colors inside the NYX Lipstick are brilliant and you get a genuine shading result at one. On the off chance that you might want to cover lip pigmentation, you’ll apply numerous swipes to encourage more full inclusion.

For my lips, I needed to utilize two layers of it for getting the most straightforward shading to pay off. I exploit a blotting surface all the rage between two progressive coats. The pigmentation of NYX super cliquey matte lipstick swatches is serious and in this way the equation is sweet, somewhat like other matte lipsticks from NYX Lipstick. On the positive side, this lipstick is sans scent. Henceforth, it’s certainly useful for individuals with touchy noses.


The NYX Super Cliquey lipstick consolidates a delicate and rich surface that skims on the lips easily with none pulling or pulling. It doesn’t have any assortment of gleam or sparkle in it. The consistency of this lip tone is fine matte however it feels very good on the lips. It gives no waxy or tacky feel post-application.

While the completion of this lipstick is powder matte, it doesn’t at first dry out my lips. The recipe of the shade ‘Nyx super cliquey matte lipstick empowered’ is buildable and changes well to layering. When it sets to a powder matte completion, it remains in situ and doesn’t move a lot. I don’t comprehend the presentation of the contrary shades since I have not tried them yet.

As the state of the tear gets mutilated with each utilization, you may see lopsided application and inclusion. for this situation, it’s prudent to utilize a lip brush and fix the failings brought about by the lopsided application. This lipstick isn’t moved verification. it’s a tendency to incite moved on coming in holds with objects.


To test how successfully it performs when your lips aren’t prepared and saturated, I just applied it with none lip preliminary. In any case, in the wake of wearing this Nyx lipstick for certain hours, I saw my all-around dry lips felt drier. It sticks to the dry lines of the lips and makes my lips inconsistent. On the off chance that you have dry lips, this may inconvenience you since it’s twisted to dry out your lips on long-wearing hours.

To abstain from featuring any assortment of sketchiness or subsiding into almost negligible differences, shedding is basic. I ordinarily incline toward cleaning and preparing my lips thus saturating it with a treatment to evade any sort of dryness. I really adored the shading however I simply wish it wasn’t so sketchy. Generally, I enjoyed the detailing with the sole exemption that it makes my lips dry if not saturated well.



This Nyx super cliquey matte lipstick remains for around 5-6 hours on my lips after which it gradually begins blurring. It can endure typical dinners. Nonetheless, the perseverance is most likely going to downsize on the off chance that you burn-through sleek food or beverages.

All the rage, subsequent to devouring sleek food the recipe parts from the focal point of the lips. However, the shading force doesn’t evaporate totally; rather it leaves an alluring stain on the lips. On the off chance that you might want dark inclusion once more, you’d reapply it.

The evacuation of this Nyx lipstick is kind of simple. Utilize any oil-based or water-based cosmetics remover and it gets cleared off with none difficulty.


nyx super cliquey, nyx lipstick

This sort of faction system is honestly cool to require an opportunity from the standard methods of coating your lips. ‘Nyx Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick Empowered‘ might be a dazzling shading. I’m intrigued by the norm of the product.

The NYX Professional Makeup’s Super Cliquey Matte Lipstick is magnificent as well and on the off chance that you are doing not have truly dry lips, you’d face any critical issues with the vibe. In case you’re keeping watch for a shade that incorporates a trace of fuchsia in it, you’ll have the option to get this lip tone.


  • Travel-accommodating bundling and advantageous to utilize
  • Good shade range
  • Unique and crazy snap-type component
  • Teardrop formed lipstick implement helps wonderful application
  • Color-coded bundling
  • An appealing pink shade that includes a trace of fuchsia in it
  • Good for reasonable for medium skin tones
  • Coverslip pigmentation
  • Looks strong and special on the lips
  • Odor-free
  • Buildable and changes with layering
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sets to a powder-matte completion
  • Smooth and rich surface
  • Doesn’t feel dry at first
  • Decent perseverance
  • Buildable and changes well to layering
  • Transfer verification
  • Are frequently eliminated without any problem


  • Teardrop gets disintegrated with rehashed use
  • Quite costly
  • Less amount
  • Prepping up and moisturization of lips is significant
  • Feels drying on the lips on delayed utilization
  • Gets sketchy
  • Settles into the scarce differences of the lips
  • Cannot endure slick suppers

These Nyx super cliquey matte lipstick swatches are available at every NYX makeup store and you can buy them online from Nyx Professional makeup website.

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