Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Orange lipstick: My Experience

I had gotten a few lipsticks from Lotus Herbals Pure Colors reach and “Orange lipstick” is one of them. This one is a flawless, smooth kind of orange lipstick that inclines toward the more splendid side. This lipstick isn’t matte and confers sheer to medium inclusion.

About Orange Lipstick

In the event that you are a novice, attempting to explore different avenues regarding orange lips, this lipstick can merit your consideration considering the cost and shading result.

In this Nyx Lipstick blog, I’m going to review this amazing “Orange Lipstick” 😉

Orange Lipstick


INR 245, USD 3.35

Item Description

Red Orange Lipstick Colors is a scope of energizing saturating lip tones. It has regular concentrates of Jojoba and Aloe Vera. The exceptional item characteristics are: – Uniform scattering of colors – Rich result – Smooth application.

My Experience With Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Orange Lipstick

Orange Lipstick

Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Orange lipsticks have consistently gone from sheer to medium. I do like how you can wear them gently like a stain or layer them up for murkiness. I like to then touch some free powder to mattify.

Orange lipstick” is a splendid orange tone with no red or smooth tones to it. This shade is on the sheer side, yet all the rage, I have swiped it on various occasions to make it an orange that I need.

More About This Red Orange Lipstick

This tone of Red Orange Lipstick can be brilliant for day wear and thus I propose utilizing it as a stain. This will be adept for warm to medium skin tones. In the event that you have an excessive amount of yellow tones on your skin, at that point, this can be unsuitable for you.

This Orange lipstick keeps the lips damp and fed. It drains when layered on, so a lip liner is ideal to combine along. Orange lipstick endures a similar way like some other sheer to medium lipstick.

Pros And Cons Of Red Orange Lipstick

Pros & Cons

  • Pretty splendid orange shade

  • Sheer yet can be layered to misty completion

  • Straightforward, slick, simple bundling

  • A gigantic scope of shadings accessible in this reach

  • I like how this lipstick has been named

  • Delicate, polished completion

  • Could be somewhat sheer for my enjoyment.

  • Can drain when worn in layers

  • Won’t suit a lot of skin tones

I’m content with the shade and how it ends up being, polished and hazy when I layer it on. At this value, this is a decent lipstick to get.

So what are you waiting for? Go get this orange lipstick 😉