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Why Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Is Trending?

Safiya Nygaard lipstick is trending on the internet. Peoples who are not aware of beauty influencers are searching about this in mass numbers. Finally, I thought I must have dropped my review on Safiya Nygaard lipstick. So, I will try my best to explain the topic in this Nyx Lipstick Blog.


Well, If you don’t know who Safiya Nygaard is, you’ve probably been living on another planet.

I know this was a lame joke…OkayJokes apart!!

She’s a well known beautiful social media influencer. Up until a couple of years ago, she became popular from working for the hit media company, Buzzfeed.
After build-up her huge social media following, she parted ways from Buzzfeed and began her influencer career.
When she worked for Buzzfeed, tons of the content she created and starred in had to try to to with all things beauty. And still, as an individual content creator, she continues to make beauty content on YouTube. So it makes perfect sense why she would’ve partnered up with Colourpop lipstick Cosmetics to make her own Safiya Nygaard lipstick shades!


The Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection comes with a sort of beautiful shades. Colourpop’s lipstick formulas are incredible, so this launch was definitely a hit. However, a minimum of for immediately, you can’t currently find these available for purchase. Instead, search for other reminder Colourpop lipstick’s Lux Lipsticks.

Now I do not realize you but I even have a lipstick addiction and what’s probably even worst is that I do not even wear lipsticks every day all day due to work and makeup-free days but boy that does that not stop me from learning lip products or buying new lip product launches.

Now since I have been into watching YouTube videos I’ve always loved videos with Safiya Nygaard Lipstick reviews and after watching numerous bad makeup science videos, you recognize once I spotted her launching her own Safiya Nygaard lipsticks I had to urge my hands on them!

Before getting these Safiya Nygaard lipsticks, I might in no way tried anything from Colourpop lipstick. At an equivalent time as getting them, I also got makeup which I’m now hooked too. Unfortunately for beauty addicts within the US until about last year we were unable to urge Colourpop lipstick products without having to play the game of customs.


Now I can not be the sole person who whenever I spotted a nasty makeup science video in my subscription box suddenly wanted to raid my makeup drawers and begin cutting up lipsticks alongside Safiya Nygaard. I simply like that with this series Safiya Nygaard decided that she desired to recreate all the bad make-up technological know-how lip colorations.

She has created to allow us to urge the one’s lipsticks without us having to spend hours butchering our present-day lipstick collections. I ended up going for the entire collection as whilst. Loved all the shades. I could really see myself wearing about four of the six shades.

It had been more cost-effective to urge the entire collection than buying them individually and that I thought that purchasing all six might encourage me to urge outside my temperature with lipstick colors.

I love that the scent of the Safiya Nygaard lipstick isn’t super overpowering but they also do not have that play do scent, you all know what I mean.

The gathering comes with four cremes

Fred, Bikini, Mrs. Norris, and Berry Me in Lipsticks and two mattes (Screamer and Brucie).

Now obviously these can smudge as they are normal Safiya Nygaard lipsticks and not liquid lipsticks. But I even have been confidently wearing them without a lip liner. Haven’t had them smudging everywhere on my face. My two all-time favorites from the gathering are definitely Screamer and Berry Me in Lipsticks.

As they’re the too color options I tend to gravitate more towards but I even have been loving bringing Fred and Bikini Bottom into the rotation. Maybe at some point, I will be brave enough to wear Brucie out all day. I find that I can get 2/3 of each day out of my first application before I want to re-apply.

Safiya Nygaard lipstick is one which will transfer onto other things like cups etc so it’s something to recollect but aside from that, I’m really impressed with the formula as even the mattes don’t try my lips.


Safiya Nygaard Lipstick, Nyx Lipstick

As I have mentioned above the Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Colourpop lipstick Collection consists of 6 shades. 4 of them are creme formulated which has satin finishes: bikini backside, Mrs. Norris, Fred, and Berry Me.

I also mentioned above, two of these shades have matte finishings: Screamer and Brucie. Both finishes align with the remainder of the Colourpop lipstick Lux Safiya Nygaard Lipstick.

First, let’s mention the packaging

Safiya Nygaard Colourpop lipstick has a number of the simplest, most creative packaging, and this collection has been no different. The tube is roofed with a silver chromatic look with bats. and therefore the actual lipsticks have bats engraved on them.

The packaging was so impressive that made me in love with the Safiya Nygaard lipstick. Plus truly stand out from the group. They feel lightweight and cozy on the lips all day long. You received even observe you’re carrying lipstick all through the day.


The formula of Safiya Nygaard lipstick is velvety and creamy making it super easy to use. It glides on easily and smoothly with none unevenness. This makes your lipstick look amazing in only one swipe. Another thing that’s incredible about these Safiya Nygaard lipsticks is that the pigmentation.

Like every Colourpop lipstick’s lip merchandise, these Safiya Nygaard lipstick are very pretty pigmented. With just one swipe, you get great pigmentation across your lips.

These Safiya Nygaard lipstick also are very long-lasting. This suggests they won’t wear off throughout the day. This is often perfect for people with busy lives who don’t have the time to reapply their lipstick multiple times throughout the day.

Colourpop lipstick is a genuine certified brand and that they are almost 100% vegan but almost there yet. So if you’re looking to buy ethically, Colourpop lipstick is an awesome brand to settle on from. Also, Colourpop lipstick is comparatively affordable, in order that they are great for people on a budget.

One thing to notice about this Safiya Nygaard lipstick is that the matte shades aren’t as easy to use because of the creme ones. Also, they’re not completely transfer-proof. In order that they may catch on other things like coffee cups or maybe your teeth.

Since the Safiya Nygaard lipstick collection isn’t currently available for purchase, you’ll inspect any of the opposite Lux Lipsticks Colourpop has got to offer.


  • The packaging is agreeable to the attention
  • Easy to use
  • Feels lightweight and cozy on the lips
  • Great shades to settle on from
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long-lasting
  • Cruelty-free and almost vegan
  • Affordable


  • Matte shades aren’t as easy to use because the creme ones
  • Not completely transfer-proof


Safiya Nygaard Lipstick, Nyx Lipstick

There are 6 different shades within the Safiya Nygaard lipstick collection. This shade selection(especially) is some things tons of individuals are loving. If you’ve got all 6 shades, your lipstick collection is practically complete.

“Berry Me” – rosy berry shade

“Fred” – classic red shade

“Bikini Bottom” – classic nude shade

“Screamer” – crimson shade

“Mrs. Norris” – brown beige shade

“Brucie” – fun blue-green shade

Colourpop lipstick is currently in collaboration with Safiya Nygaard lipstick

I have mentioned all the highly popular Safiya Nygaard lipsticks! Specially Safiya Nygaard Franken lipstick and every one of the remaining 5 shades. Now there’s little question we’re mildly hooked into all the colors, but here are our shade rankings only for fun!


Berry Me In Lipsticks– a shocking mauve-berry shade that’s neutral in tone with a creamy finish.

Bikini Bottom- A pinky-beige nude shade that’s warm-toned with a creamy finish.

Fred- A full bodied-red shade that’s cool-toned with a matte finish.

Screamer- A deep burgundy shade that’s cool-toned with a matte finish.

Brucie- A blue-green shade that’s warm-toned with a creamy matte finish.

Mrs. Norris– A soft beige-brown shade that’s warm-toned with a creamy finish.


Overall, the Colourpop lipstick Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection was a lover favorite and a superb launch. It had been an enormous success for both Colourpop lipstick Cosmetics and Safiya Nygaard. And, currently available for online purchase (please explore by yourself, whether it is available in your country or not).

Also, try going for any of the opposite reminders the Colourpop lipstick Lux Lipsticks. They’ll work precisely the same – they only won’t have the Safiya Nygaard exact shades or branding.

What are your views on Safiya Nygaard Lipstick? worth it?