Nyx born to glow swatches, Nyx Lipstick

Nyx Born To Glow Swatches: My Review

Nyx born to glow swatches review: Making pro-worth shape available, Nyx professional makeup is famed for its long lasting-wearing formulation, safely-packed pigments, and second-pores and skin textures (at handbag-friendly charges).

Allowing everyone to urge creativity with their beauty looks, this ever-growing range of must-have structure is right for those who’re barely starting to experiment, also as those who’re trying to find a product that performs. Withstanding whatever life throws at it.

It is the time you learned what the fuss may be about and this game-changing base is an excellent spot to start out.
Highlighters provide your face a fresh dewy and younger searching glow by including drama in your cheekbones and highlighting the overall facial shape.


I choose liquid highlighters Nyx Born To Glow Swatches over both powdered/ pressed ones or cream ones.
As I don’t have oily skin they work sort of a miracle on behalf of me helping me to seem flawless throughout the day.
My favorite makeup highlighters are NYX born to glow swatches.

Much like my ill-fated crushes, when it involves foundations I even have a kind. Light to medium coverage and ‘glowy‘. So, once I first heard about NYX Professional Makeup’sNyx born to glow swatches, I hoped it might be a match, but little did I do know we might find ourselves during a fully committed relationship.

Medium, with buildable insurance, born to glow promises to provide a “just-implemented12-hour glow and boy does it deliver. As I even have been gushing about it to all or any of my friends. I assumed it only fair to share the wealth and tell you only why this could be your next foundation purchase:

It blends effortlessly. My preferred application method maybe a sponge and that I don’t even get to use a mirror to understand it’s streak-free.

My god the glow

Nyx born to glow swatches, Nyx Lipstick

My skin seems to like it is in no way visible sugar/alcohol or dairy in it is lifestyles. I have the sheen of someone who has regular dermatologist appointments.

It covers redness but doesn’t desire you’re wearing a mask. You actually need a concealer if you’ve got any spots, but if I’m breakout free I can escape with just wearing this.

This lasts an entire working day with just slightly powdering in my oily areas (looking at your chin and forehead).
Besides L’Oréal’s Pro Glow (which you furthermore may need in your life) this is often the sole foundation I’ve tried that always gets me compliments on my skin.


Availability: NYX Professional Makeup website, Nyx Lipstick Stores
Color Range: 2 colors

Sunbeam – Pinkish shimmer with small glitter particles.
Gleam – Peachy bronze shimmer with a diffused glowy finishing.
Smell/Fragrance: it’s not fragranced but it does smell like an “unscented


Nyx born to glow swatches, Nyx Lipstick


This product Nyx born to glow swatches comes in a tube-like packaging. The front of the tube tells the complete name of the merchandise and therefore the backside has the list of ingredients and other such details.
Texture: it’s thick in consistency sort of a foundation; however, it’s easier to blend and feels Very light on the face and neck. It doesn’t leave a cakey layer on the face and feels Very light.


Nyx born to glow swatches no fragrance, rather on close inspection. I could smell the chemicals utilized in concocting it, but it doesn’t matter because, first, I can’t odor it as soon as implemented, and second, all perfume does is to mask the scent and no longer remove the impact of chemical compounds, so why to hassle.


This product is often utilized in quite a few ways together can fancy – use as a strobe cream and apply before foundation or mix it with foundation and add a faint glow to the face or add at the high points of the face to feature a final touch face.

Each method that won’t apply on the face gives a rather different look; the top result’s an equivalent, i.e. dewy look to the face, but with varying intensity of sunshine reflection property.

Staying Power:

I even have worn it for 7-8 hours and it stood intact and by that I mean my face still had an equivalent dewy finish that I buy as soon as I apply this Nyx born to glow swatches product one face; however, the T- zone does get a touch too shiny, but nothing I cannot fix with some matte cream or powder.


Easy to only tap on and blend together with your fingers. Feels lightweight and not sticky. Dries down completely after a moment so it won’t abrade easily. This might even be mixed in together with your liquid foundation to offer it a more dewy finish.
Pigmentation: Provides a subtle glow. Nyx born to glow swatches is not frosty or shiny. Sunbeam will deposit a couple of tiny glitter particles and seems to be a touch more light-reflective than Gleam. Gleam just has very fine light-reflecting particles that are hard to ascertain unless you search close.


Since it dries down it’ll easily last all day.


  • For Sunbeam, a touch goes an extended way. It is often built up to be more frosty if that’s what you wish
  • Gleam is often used on darker skin tones as a subtle illuminator or on lighter pores and skin tones as a liquid bronzer
  • Could work on quite just cheeks for added glow (eyes, shoulders, collar bones, etc.)
  • Feels lightweight on the skin Dries down completely


For those that like shinier, frostier illuminators, these could also be too subtle
Worth buying?

  • Yes. I’m unsure why but I just didn’t expect to love these the maximum amount as I do
  • They don’t create a dramatic visual effect but they sure make me desire it
  • This Nyx born to glow swatches product offers one very natural looking shade (Gleam) and another glitzy option (Sunbeam)
  • Nyx Lipstick Gleam born to glow swatches would be a superb one to combine together with your foundation for a pleasant summer glow. These are very nice and will hold their own next to higher-end illuminators

Are you excited to buy Nyx born to glow swatches?

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