Nude shade lipstick

Nude Shade Lipstick Has The Answer To Everything

Nude shade lipstick comes in all tones – pink, red, orange, low brown, and impartial. It is the best alternative when you feel the requirement for weighty eye cosmetics or the smokey-eye.

Claiming nude lipstick that praises your skin tone goes far in creation you look great. Yet, when there are plenty of alternatives on the lookout, finding the correct shade for your skin can be a troublesome undertaking.

I am reviewing some selected Nude shade lipstick in this Nyx Lipstick Blog. I have made the best of the Nude shade lipstick that you can discover in stores around you or online to get an attractive look 😉

About Nude Shade Lipstick

Nude Lips are consistently in season in my case. Yet I love trying different things with various nude tones in the fall. MAC Nude shade lipstick choices are a portion of my outright top choice. I needed to sample my main selected nude lipstick shades from my MAC Collection to give a decent glance at the shading look during my farewell.

I needed a nude lipstick for myself for so long yet couldn’t force myself to go out and get one. Every time I went cosmetics shopping it was either a red or a pink or a coral lipstick conceal that returned home with me however never a nude lipstick.

I almost used all the shades from Nyx Lipstick, Nykaa, and MAC Cosmetics as well. These Nude shade lipstick swatches are just loved. Try them 😉

MAC Mocha Swatch Review

Nude shade lipstick

MAC Mocha Swatch suits a wide scope of skin tones. It is from the Mac glossy silk reach and one of the most famous lipsticks for the Indian skin tone. This MAC Mocha Swatch lipstick is the thing that put Mac on the map. The surface of MAC Mocha Swatch is smooth and rich.

It can likewise last through a late-morning feast and has murky inclusion. Office going ladies can wear this shade without investigating the top.


Peachy low brown colored with a yellow connotation


4 Hours or More


INR 2500

Mac Hug Me Review

Nude shade lipstick

Mac Hug Me has a gleaming sparkle that keeps going any longer after the lipstick has disappeared. It makes your lips look delicate, smooth, and clammy. This Mac Hug Me Nude shade lipstick doesn’t dry out your lips and suits everybody between wheatish to brown complexion tones.

It is a Luster lipstick from MAC Cosmetics and it feels velvety on the lips. Mac Hug Me lipstick has a glossy silk finish (not very gleaming, not matte) and this equation skims on without any problem.


Soft pink tone


2-3 Hours


INR 1500

Lakme 9 To 5 Naturale Matte Sticks Swatches

Nude shade lipstick

This Lakme 9 to 5 naturale matte sticks swatches Nude shade lipstick has a long-wearing and a solace innovation. It has an extreme creme shading with a peachy nude shade. The completion is delicate matte, nearly powder yet it never feels cakey.

Lakme 9 to 5 naturale matte sticks swatches feels light on the lips so individuals who don’t care for going hefty on the lips can go for this as the picked alternative.

Lakme 9 to 5 naturale matte sticks swatches shade is well-suited for apprentices, young ladies, office-going ladies, and even school goers since it’s a pleasant warm shading for the afternoon.


Peachy nude


10 Hours


INR 400

Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick Dusky Nude Review

Nude shade lipstick

This Oriflame Giordani gold jewel lipstick dusky nude lipstick is stuffed in a lovely metallic gold slug case which makes you need to get it. This nude shade lipstick has a velvety surface and coasts without any problem. Oriflame Giordani gold jewel lipstick is dusky nude lipstick that just gives medium inclusion.

Yet the best part about this scope of nude lipsticks by Oriflame is that they remain on the lips without drying them out even after you have done a lot of exercises throughout the day. Oriflame Giordani gold jewel lipstick dusky nude is profoundly saturating yet the backbone is somewhat less.


Peachy pink


2 Hours


INR 550

Rosy Nude- Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick Review

Nude shade lipstick

This Rosy Nude Revlon Colour Burst Lipstick conceal is an all-inclusive nude lipstick conceal. It suits practically all skin tones. The surface of Rosy Nude Revlon Colour lipstick is weightless so it floats on the lips easily and is useful for day by day use.

Rosy Nude Revlon Colour Lipstick has a silk finish and remains all the rage for very nearly four hours. This Nude shade lipstick shade is non-oily and can be easily applied to the lips in light of its smooth nature.


Brown Pinkish Undertone


4 Hours


INR 500

Pros of Nude shade lipstick

  • Wonderful nonpartisan nude shading, ideal for light complexion
  • Remains on for up to 6 hours with simply a touch of blurring
  • Genuine matte, with no sort of sheen or shine
  • Skim on the smooth application, not so much as a slight bit dry
  • Feels weightless on the lips
  • The scent makes you need to eat it!
  • Travel Friendly

Cons of nude Matte lipstick

  • Looks pale and gets comfortable lines and breaks, if the lips are not appropriately hydrated
  • Will in general dry the lips after some time

My Overall Review

MAC Cosmetics has a wide scope of nude shade lipstick shades and surfaces accessible in lipsticks. It will be nothing unexpected on the off chance that you did discover your ideal nude shade in MAC Cosmetics. Nude shade lipstick doesn’t make me look pale or dull however it makes my lips dry after some time.

The surface of nude lipstick is rich smooth with a ravishing matte completion, somewhat expensive yet perhaps I wouldn’t have grumbled had the equation been a piece saturating.

Which nude shade and brand is your favorite?

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