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Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick Vs Nyx Perfect Red Matte Lipstick Review

In this Nyx Lipstick blog, I’m going to drop my honest review on Ruby woo mac lipstick and Nyx perfect red matte lipstick.

In the beauty world, a Red lipstick holds an equivalent pedestal that the small black dress does within the fashion world. It never goes out of favor and you can’t have enough of it. When it involves red lipsticks though, one size doesn’t fit all. What looks great on me won’t work for your skin tone.


A good red lipstick takes you through multiple occasions in your life. Put it on each day once you feel a tad low and it’ll instantly lift you up. Slip into a black dress, pair it with a bold red lipstick and everyone’s eyes will most definitely get on you. Wear it on your day or for an Instagram selfie.


If I’m being completely honest, Nyx perfect red matte lipstick needs no purpose, no advent, and no season. It’s one among those colors that instantly causes you to feel more confident and sexy. Provides it a go and you’ll know what I mean!


Load your lips with plush, pigment-rich color selecting from 12 clean reminders Nyx matte lipstick –  My shockingly smooth lip color that glides right and stays in situ with a silky matte end that by no means feels dry. Now to be had in the course of a number of cleans new colors.

This playful Nyx perfect red matte lipstick is just what your spring wardrobe needs! Nyx perfect red matte lipstick is surprisingly pigmented, richly formulated, and long-carrying. The method glides on without difficulty and remains put with a non-drying matte quit.

Even as each effort has been made to make a certain accuracy of product shade, a few versions in color may also arise. Nyx perfect red matte lipstick is pretty pigmented, richly formulated lipsticks that drift on easily, live, and impart a non-sleek, high-style matte end as they envelop lips in exceptional color.

At the same time as each attempt has been made to make sure accuracy of product color, some variations in color can also arise.

Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick , Nyx Lipstick


I have bought four Nyx Lipstick shades from Nykaa for the primary time and absolutely impressed by the standard and texture of those Nyx perfect red matte lipstick. The colors are beautiful and last long. Really love Nyx professional makeup’s type of packaging that really gives you a far better idea of what the lipstick color seems like.

The tube contains, Nyx lipstick shade name, Nykaa lipstick shade number, Nyx lipstick manufacturing details, and therefore the list of ingredients printed thereon. There’s a sticker placed at the rock bottom of the tube wherein the shade name and number are mentioned. The packaging is fairly durable and travels friendly. It feels lightweight but not flimsy in the least.

Nyx perfect red matte lipstick: which is a beautiful and really bright pinkish-red color. I need to say it’s an honest amount of pink. The color is certainly flattering for all skin tones. I even have a medium skin tone (NC-42) and it’s more pink than red on me. But, if you’ve got fair skin with cool undertones then it’s going to look more reddish than pink on you.


It has a really creamy texture which is extremely smooth to use. This non-drying formula settles into a Nyx creamy matte Lipstick, which is extremely comfortable to wear and doesn’t leave any quite patchiness behind.

Coming to the pigmentation: just check out the swatches girls, Nyx perfect red matte lipstick is absolutely pigmented and provides rich color in its first swipe. This color just lasts rather well and stays almost 6+ hours on me. The sole thing that bothers me is that it’s somewhat transferable and may bleed a touch but nothing excessive.

To avoid this, use it with a lip liner. You can browse thousands of Nykaa lip liners, brushes, and swatches on Nykaa’s official website.


  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Extremely Hot and chic shade
  • Suits alright on all Indian skin tones
  • Creamy matte texture which isn’t overly drying
  • I love its partially see-through tube packaging
  • Applies well on the lips
  • Great lasting power
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Cruelty-free


It may bleed or transfer a touch if not applied with a lip liner.


Overall, Nyx’s perfect red matte lipstick is a gorgeous Toned Red which is really a pinkish-red lipstick that enhances all skin tones. It’s one of the creamiest and pigmented Nyx matte lipstick I’ve ever encounter. It brightens up the face instantly that you simply don’t need an excessive amount of makeup with it.

A non-over drying, semi-matte Nyx lipstick that feels very cozy on lips. It’s no smell in the least so, it’ll not bother people with sensitive noses! What makes it even more to like is that they are available with a pleasant tag with such great formulation.

Nyx perfect red matte lipstick– ideal purple ($6 Approx) is true up there too in terms of dupes. It’s far a matte, pigment-wealthy formulation it really is attending to make your lips pop. It isn’t as matte as the Ruby Woo, but Nyx perfect red matte lipstick is most certainly extremely long-lasting. If you would like your lips to seem super matte, dab some tissue and loose powder over your lips and you will be good to travel.


Can one lipstick sincerely look great on every possible pores and skin tone?

The Ruby woo mac lipstick is an ultra-matte opaque pink lipstick. It’s a robust blue undertone thereto. This suggests that it’s a neutral color that suits all skin tones. Due to the blue base, it’s also getting to make your teeth look brighter. A real cerise lipstick, the Ruby woo mac lipstick comes under M.A.C’s ultra-matte lipstick umbrella.


It’s highly pigmented and it’s not getting to bleed or feather on your lips. If you’re a lover of MAC lipsticks you’d know their basic formulas are called Satin, Cremesheen, Cream, Matte, Retro Matte. The Retro Matte range is the maddest of all of them and therefore the most long-lasting.

You’ll apply that lipstick within the morning and be rest assured, it’s getting to last you through the day. Add the advantages of that long-wearing formula to a totally opaque bright red lipstick and you’ve definitely got yourself a winner!


Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick , Nyx Lipstick

Well, that depends on what you’re trying to find. If you’re an individual who enjoys a bold red lipstick that will stay, come rain or shine, you’ll definitely just like the ruby woo lipstick. There are however a couple of pros and cons to think about while picking it up.

There are in reality greater professionals than cons on my listing! 

A secret tip if you propose to wear this red lipstick, I’d recommend you exfoliate your lips together with your lip scrub before applying. This may make sure that your lips are soft, supple, and don’t have any dead flaky skin on them. The lipstick really accentuates flaky, chapped lips.

Differently to form applying this ruby woo lipstick a touch easier is to use a drop of facial oil to your lips 10 minutes before applying your lipstick. This preps your lips by softening and moisturizing them. And in this manner, your lips will remain soft all day long!


Now that we’ve established that this is often a red lipstick that we and most of the planet adores, the question is do you have to pip out. Is it well worth the splurge?

The worth of the ruby woo lipstick in the US is currently ($22 Approx for Mini Ruby woo Lipstick). The great news is that the ruby woo lipstick is additionally available during a smaller, cuter mini size! Relatively cheaper as compared to the complete sized lipstick, it’s still an investment.

The well worth of the lipstick, complete-sized or mini can be a deal-breaker for some people but fortuitously. I have come completely geared up with cheaper alternatives to Ruby woo mac lipstick.

Who doesn’t love an honest bargain? I’ve found you a number of the simplest, brightest, and cheapest alternatives to the Ruby Woo. You’re welcome and happy shopping!

As I imagine you already know, the Ruby woo mac lipstick is that the ultimate bold, opaque, matte cerise.


This is of a matte finish. I need to say I actually love the feel. Some people say those matte finish lipsticks of MAC are very drying, but I really like this finish the foremost. I even have three satin finish lipsticks, but this is often the one that I actually like. It’s very crazy the lips and not in the least drying.

The pigmentation of Ruby woo mac lipstick is simply awesome, only one swipe is enough.


Fantastic, I wore this and it stayed the entire day in spite of eating and drinking. Consistent with me, the matte finish lipsticks from MAC have the simplest endurance, and that I am highly impressed.

This is my first red lipstick and can always be special to me. It brightens up my face and that I think this is able to be the simplest matte red lipstick for anybody. I am not fair-skinned but even I’m ready to carry this off so well.

Ruby Woo MAC Lipstick, the foremost favorite red lipstick of makeup lovers of all the time. Ruby woo mac lipstick is one among those MAC lipsticks which each makeup enthusiast wants to have and wear once in their lifetime.

The exception to the present rule, however, is the Ruby woo mac lipstick. It’s touted to be the red lipstick to have. It’s the lipstick that brought MAC into the spotlight. If you’ve asked around you’ve presumably heard rave reviews and endless praises about it.

Every makeup artist, beauty blogger, and makeup aficionado swears by it. What’s it about this MAC lipstick that’s got the planet spinning right round?

The blue-based totally red Lipper, certainly, looks surely lovely on each skin tone.


Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick , Nyx Lipstick

When I was a Teen, I wont to hear the name “Ruby Woo” every now then. It had been like, having this MAC Red Lipstick will complete us. Ruby Woo was everywhere on the web and that I think it still rules. All this fame and publicity MAC Ruby Woo Red Lipstick got made me want to possess it more. It became one among those luxury things that desire an achievement, a proud feeling once you own and wear them.

Super classy and stylish bullet shaped packaging with a magnetic disclosure. Having an expensive product feels something right?

The outer body print doesn’t chips-off, features a glossy effect, and has “M.A.C” engraved inside and out of doors of the lipstick body.


Yes, it does have a fragrance and a very yummy one. Once I sniff it, it smells like chocolate. Yummy!

Oh! It glides so smoothly on the lips. I always prep my lips with an ointment first for a smooth application.

It is from the MAC retro matte range, it isn’t too matte which is sweet. I actually enjoy the semi-fit finish plus it didn’t make my lips dry either. The application is super comfortable and crazy on the lips. The pigmentation is crazy! I mean the purple is so stylish and ambitious. I loved how it looked so beautiful with both, my day and already dark looks.

Summing Up:

Ruby woo mac lipstick in Red is one among its kind. I even have never wore this beautiful Red in my life. The richness, the tone, the formula, everything is simply so good. It’s very well pigmented and glides on lips smoothly leaving a semi-matte look. It doesn’t dry my lips.

Fades-off and transfers up to a touch but not much. I feel it’ll complement all skin tones.


  • Rich Pigmentation
  • Soft and cozy formula
  • Glides on lips smoothly
  • Doesn’t dry out lips
  • Gives semi-matte finish
  • Good endurance
  • Will suit all skin tones
  • The perfect red
  • Ultra Matte
  • Long-lasting
  • The intense color pay off
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all skin tones


  • Price, of course!
  • Can be a touch drying
  • Might accentuate chapped lips
  • Tugs on your lips

So this was it for today. I hope you’ve got found Ruby woo mac lipstick and Nyx perfect red matte lipstick Review Helpful.

Which one is your favorite from both of them?