Nyx Lipstick Swatches, Nyx Lipstick

Nyx Lipstick Swatches: Here’s What No One Tells You

Nyx lipstick swatches: NYX is a United State’s brand which has appropriated the market of India. Many products are available like lipsticks, lip pencil, eye pencil, eyeliners, gel liners, Nyx professional makeup.

You will find NYX professional makeup outlets in malls even you’ll order online from NYX online shopping website.

The colors are awesome. It’s stylish and bold. I took NYX lipstick swatches for informational purposes and respectable use. I even used eyeliner and face markups. Durable product. Water evidence. Offers a smart appearance. Merchandise is labeled with the aid of their range. High-quality product. After doing many tests, merchandise is manufactured and bought thereafter.

NYX online shopping websites are categorized with images and costs. The presentation is mindblowing. Not in the least difficult to trace the merchandise. Cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards, and net banking facility is out there for creating a payment. Product exchange and return policies are also available.

Nyx lipstick swatches me bold and delightful. Try it!

Today, I’m getting to review Nyx lipstick swatches. Read on for more details about these pretty NYX lipstick swatches.


Nyx Lipstick Swatches, Nyx Lipstick

What the logo says: pucker up and powder your pout! Achieve a flush of coloration 8 colorful sunglasses—from warm peach to authentic pink, and hot crimson to relax plum—for an irresistible, just-kissed appearance.

Fee & availability: the NYX powder puff lippie swatches are priced at ₹650 for 12 ml. The worth is kind of low-priced as we get 12 ml in the course of this whereas in usual liquid powder puff lippie swatches we get around 4-5 ml. It’s to be had online on Nykaa offline, it is regularly located at NYX shops in my hometown.

Packaging: These NYX powder puff lippie swatches are available in a rectangle-shaped outer box that has all the data about the merchandise. The liquid lipsticks themselves are available in a plastic tube which must be squeezed to urge the merchandise out.

The color of the tube matches the color of the Nyx lipstick swatches within the tube so if you’ve got quite one, it’ll be easy to differentiate between them without having to read the name whenever. Nyx powder puff lippie swatches have a cushion applicator that absorbs quite some product when you’re trying to use NYX puff lippie swatches.


Squad Goals – this is often described as a ‘Tea Rose Pink’ by the Nyx Professional makeup brand. This is a light-weight pink NYX powder puff swatches which type of washed me out. If you’re a couple of NYX powder puff swatches shades lighter than me then it’ll be a gorgeous pink on you. I feel it’s better NYX powder puff swatches on my brown skin once I blend it with a darker lip liner.

Moody – This Nyx lipstick swatches are described as a ‘cool-toned plum’ with the aid of NYX cosmetics. It suited my brown skin rather well and is one of my favorite shades from this range. Moody may be a universal shade that can look good on all skin tones.

Cool Intentions – Described as a ‘Light Brown with Pink Undertones’ by the Nyx professional makeup, this shade is a perfect MLBB shade on behalf of me. Powderpuff lippie swatches even out my lip color alright and appear sort of a brown nude on my skin tone. However, for people with a lighter skin tone than mine, this shade will appear as if a pleasant brown color on your lips.


Pop Quiz – This shade is described as a ‘Berry’. I enjoy deeper NYX powder puff swatches shades for my skin tone, I’m not a lover of pink-toned reds and didn’t find this color very appealing to me. If you wish such tones, it’s a reasonably universal Nyx lipstick swatches shade and would suit all skin tones.

Application & texture: The NYX powder puff lippie swatches have a sponge-like cushion applicator with a flat rounded tip. This rounded edge makes specific utility virtually hard and it’s no longer very smooth to apply the lipstick frivolously at the corner of the lips.

It’s easier to wear this Nyx lipstick after defining your lips with a lip liner in order that the lips only got to be filled. These NYX powder puff lippie swatches have a gentle, mousse-y texture that feels extremely cozy on the lips.

However, I found that the formula wasn’t very consistent across the range when it came to coverage. The shades ‘Squad Goals’ and ‘Pop Quiz’ were a touch streaky when applied and needed multiple coats for even application. I also felt that this applicator added to the uneven application because it made the NYX powder puff swatches move around the lips.

The lipsticks stay faithful to their name and dry right down to a powder-like finish. They’re not extremely matte and feel comfortable on the lips without drying them down. The NYX powder puff lippie swatches don’t accentuate any dryness on the lips and don’t settle within the fine lines. These lippies job my memory of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and NYX puff lippie swatches in terms of the formula.


Nyx Lipstick Swatches, Nyx Lipstick

Staying power: the NYX powder puff lippie swatches are not switched proof and feature very inconsistent formulation. The shades ‘squad desires’ and ‘cool intentions’ stayed placed at the lips for 3-four hours with light snacking then began dwindling from the center of the lips.

The Nyx lipstick swatches shade ‘Moody’ also stayed placed on the lips for 3 hours but rather than dwindling evenly, the color started bleeding and gave me a weird ring of color around my lips. It had been just like the water and therefore the lip pigment was separating.

The shade ‘Pop Quiz’ started bleeding around my lips in only 1 hour of application. I had to require the NYX powder puff lippie swatches off and apply something else because it looked unappealing. However, none of those Nyx lipstick swatches will stay through a correct meal as they’re not matte lipsticks and that they abrade pretty easily.


Even though the NYX powder puff lippie swatches appear as if a fun lipstick to have with the unique cushion applicator and nice shades. I used to be left a touch disappointed with them. The NYX powder puff lippie Nykaa formulas were inconsistent, they didn’t last very long and a few shades started bleeding around my lips. Might probably only re-use 2 out of the 4 shades like NYX moody swatch.

Personally, I own but they might not be my first choice when it involves learning NYX powder puff swatches. I feel that Nyx lipstick swatches have more lipstick formulas which are definitely better than these and have more color options also. So from my side, I might not recommend these Nyx lipstick swatches, especially if you’re trying to find extended-lasting NYX powder puff lippie swatches.

Pros and Cons of Nyx lipstick swatches


  • Comfortable on the lips
  • Limited availability
  • Different cushion applicator
  • Inconsistent formula
  • Universal shades


  • Patchy and Streaky on lips
  •  Certain shades start bleeding

Which shade of Nyx lipstick swatches do you prefer?