Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose

Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose Review & My Experience

Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose: Hello friends, beginning with applause and a warm inviting embrace for NYX Professional makeup for returning again in India. The present post is about my present squash/old love for “NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP“.

The adoration for this brand was quite old. Yet the difference in value hike (I admit I was minimally frustrated with the new cost) may make me question my old love.

So the story starts this way…

Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose

Nyx lipstick tea rose

“All of the sudden openings of Sephora close to my area and dispatching of the online store of NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP in India in NYKAA.com made such a lot of promotion in me and in other cosmetics lovers that I needed to purchase something nearly everything from this brand.”

Thus, a weekend ago I was coincidentally hit the Sephora by some coincidence and there I met with this Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose wonderful lippy lying on the testing table and was hanging tight for a home.

As I was in Sephora I needed to pick something for me as it would be a lack of regard for cosmetics on the off chance that I overlook them. Along these lines, I get this Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose wonderful lipstick from the store 😉


Rs.625/ – for 4.5gm

Bundling/ Packaging 

Nyx lipstick tea rose

The Nyx matte lipstick tea rose arrives in a high contrast straightforward combo bundling. The peep-through of shading between the dark case. And the cap made it simple to perceive the Nyx matte lipstick in tea rose shade from outside.

The Nyx professional makeup matte lipstick tea rose thinks of a curved example like customary lipstick. The base of the case is minimal feeble in light of the fact that the case probably won’t be fitted well.

As at whatever point I take out the Nyx round lipstick tea rose from my reserve I can feel something is easy inside the situation. Fortunately Nyx professional makeup extra creamy round lipstick tea rose doesn’t hamper the lipstick or its base and is content with my buy.


Nyx Cosmetics is accessible now at the NYKAA.com store on the web.

Shading, Surface, And Pigmentation

Round Lipstick

The Nyx tea rose matte lipstick swatch is a lovely nonpartisan pink lipstick in the matte surface that will suit generally reasonable for medium skin tone delights. The matte surface is very agreeable all the rage and Nyx extra creamy round lipstick tea rose doesn’t pull or pull my lips during application.

Nyx tea rose lipstick swatch has a mellow plastic smell that scarcely I can smell. The Nyx tea rose lipstick dupe is very pigmented, as 1-2 swipes are sufficient to get the genuine tone.

Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose: My Experience

Round Lipstick

The Nyx tea rose creamy lipstick is an excellent pink nonpartisan shade that is ideal for day wear and can be pair up with Smokey eyes as well. Nyx round lipstick tea rose is very pigmented as I told you before and it remains pretty 5 hours all the rage. It blurs somewhat subsequent to having hefty slick food so finish up is essential after a feast.

In spite of the fact that it is a matte surface lipstick (as it claims) yet it is really a soft matte, It is very agreeable all the rage. The Nyx lipstick is neither drains nor inconsistent. The smell of the Nyx lipstick resembles plastic which is small irritating and spot bizarre as well yet it is gentle to such an extent that I scarcely can smell it, so I chose to give it a pass 🙂

Nyx Tea Rose Lipstick Dupe List

Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose

As I told you before that the Nyx matte lipstick tea rose is an excellent pink shade so I thought it is a significant dupable one. Yet, when I contrast and not many of my excellent pink lipsticks with it.

I scarcely discovered the precise trick of it yet at the same time I am putting examination patterns of all pink impartial lipsticks alongside NYX Cosmetics one together on my hand (NC35) so it will be simple for all of you to choose 🙂


(I don’t have any idea why I put it on these patterns here… Lol!)

Pros And Cons Of Nyx Round Lipstick Tea Rose

Pros & Cons

  • I like the lovely shade of Nyx Lipstick Tea Rose and furthermore that NYX Cosmetics has such countless shades of Round Lipsticks to browse
  • The tone is pleasantly pigmented

  • Nyx round lipstick tea rose is truly reasonable

  • The Lipstick doesn’t bother my lips or leave them feeling exceptionally dry

  • The tube has a transparent base which allows you to see the shade of the lipstick-makes it simple to discover the shade you need while experiencing your lippies

  • It has a leathery aroma that isn’t overwhelming, yet it makes me consider eating once in a while. I wish it were unscented all things being equal.

  • Though it doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry, it doesn’t feel saturating all things considered

  • It appears to underscore the lines all the rage apiece and any dried out zones. That reminds me to consistently try to shed and saturate the lips prior to utilizing any lip tone

  • The tone doesn’t keep going excessively long. It blurs altogether after I take a beverage of something

  • It can be difficult to arrange or not evaluated economically in case you’re outside the USA. I bought mine from a seller in the USA and had them transported to me

My Overall words on Nyx Tea Rose Lipstick Review

By and large NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP MATTE LIPSTICK in shade TEA ROSE is delightful. Every day wears an impartial pink shade that shouldn’t be overlooked.

So, this was my Nyx Tea Rose Lipstick Review. Hope you girls like it 😉

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