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NYX Lipstick 25 Moisturizing Lip Gloss Colors

NYX Lipstick blog helping you to think about the various factors that enter the choice of the proper lipstick (lip color). Changes in your skin and hair color, the garments you wear, your mood, all influence what lip color could also be exactly right for the actual occasion. Further, you’ll have strong color preferences both pros and cons. In this blog, we are sharing some best and selective NYX Lipstick Lip gloss colors.

Your underlying lip color is additionally an element to think about. To assist you in making your choices NYX Lipstick blog provides 25 exciting long-lasting liquid lip colors. This includes 22 captivating colors, 3 shimmers to place sparkle and glow into your lips, and three highlighters to form your lips shine with pinpoints of color for texture.

Also, do not forget our colors are designed to enrich each other color combinations and therefore the custom colors achieved, have almost become a kind.

For example, Darkish red could also be too dark for your taste however with two layers of darkish crimson and with the 1/3 top layer red champagne you have precisely what you would really like. As a further bonus, with the lighter color in the center of the three layers, you’ll achieve a touch of darker pink.

Have fun with the colors. You will be amazed at what you’ll come up with. In fact, the NYX Lipstick blog is here to assist you.

NYX Lipstick Lip Color Selection Tips

NYX Lipstick

NYX Lipstick blog helps you in selecting the proper long-lasting NYX Lipstick lip colors.

Here are the names of the NYX Lipstick Liquid Lip Colors, a quick description of the lip color, and a few tips to help you in making your selections. You’ll also get another check out of all the colors by getting to our order page.

Party Pink: Cool, bright, almost fluorescent, medium-toned, pink that when layered with the other color brightens and “pops” it.

Nude: Can go warm or cool, medium tanned skin-toned brown, almost milk color, caramel undertones.

Plum: Cool, medium to bright, true purpled plum.

Dark Pink: Cool, medium to dark range, with mauve, some rose undertones. are often combined with Pink Champagne for a cooler lighter look.

Light Bronze: Can go warm or cool, medium to dark, highly pigmented, bronzy brown with a touch of plum and a shimmer.

Red Cherry: Cool, medium to deeper red with berry undertones. Chinese Red.

Samon: Can go warm or cool, bright, vibrant, coral.

Dusty Rose: Cool, brown-based, rosy mauve.

Concord: Cool, deep, highly pigmented gothic purple.

Roseberry: Cool, medium light, pinky, and raspberry.

Sheer Berry: Cool, medium brown based berry. NYX Lipstick’s hottest color.

Sheer Pink: Can go warm or cool. Medium coral-based pink.

Moca: Warm medium earthenware based brown-red.

Blu-Red: Cool, true bright red, Hollywood red (Marilyn Monroe look).

Fuscia: Cool, medium-dark, bright pink with true Fuscia undertones.

Cranberry: Cool, bright red with pink undertones.

Brick: Warm, medium red.

Currant: Cool, medium-dark burgundy raisin color.

Neutral: Cool, medium-dark raspberry red with a touch of plum.

Peach: Warm, medium-light orange based peach.

Beige Champagne: Cool, light, frosted pinkish beige.

Pink Champagne: Cool, light, frosted silvery pink with a touch of taupe.

Gold Champagne: Warm, light, highly frosted coral, kind of peachy gold.

Shimmers: To feature sparkle and glow to your lips our shimmers are offered in Pink, Princess Pink (a darker pink than the plain Pink) Platinum, Gold, Bronze, and Ruby Red (a dark ruby red).

Lip Gloss Selection

NYX Lipstick

Shea Butter based lip glosses make the colors stay and moisturize. Use any of those lip gloss products alone, but most significantly, they need to be applied on top of the third layer of any NYX Lipstick color. The lip gloss keeps the lips moist and it partners with the advanced color technology of the NYX Lipstick color pigment to carry the color on your lips.

TIP: The NYX Lipstick lip gloss product is a crucial part of the lip coloring system and will be applied throughout the day for optimum product performance.

Shea butter based NYX Lipstick lip glosses are offered during a sort of looks to moisturize and texture your lips.

Glossy Gloss: NYX Lipstick blog hottest look. A transparent glossy shine for the color to shine through.

Matte Gloss: You receive the advantages of moisturizing gloss without the shine.

Sports Lip Balm: to assist repair dry and damaged lips. Great for men and women who spend time outdoors or during a dry environment.


NYX Lipstick’s personal favorite is Sheer berry. Which one is yours?