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Trending Stuff About Sophia Nygaard Lipstick Aka Safiya Nygaard Lipstick

Sophia Nygaard Lipstick or Safiya Nygaard Lipstick??  Don’t get confused...both are the same. Most people searched Sophia Nygaard Lipstick on the internet and there comes confusion between both. So, here in this Nyx Lipstick Blog, I’m again reviewing Safiya Nygaard lipstick in brief.


Sophia Nygaard was born on July 16, 1992, is a Half Indian/Half Danish (as referenced on Twitter) is a stylish and excellent YouTuber. Safiya Nygaard had taken a great experience at the well known online media organization, Buzzfeed, for almost two years. Also featured Safiya Nygaard videos.

She becomes a producer intern in April 2015. Worked for a series called “Ladylike” in October 2015. Later Safiya Nygaard became a professional producer in November 2015. Left Buzzfeed toward the finish of January 2017 and has been creating videos on YouTube generally on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Safiya Nygaard’s youtube channel has set up more than 8 million Fans/ Subscribers and more than 1 billion view counts.

Starting at as of late, she has been known for her “Cosmetics Trials” or “Frankenstein Cosmetics” as she’d prefer to call it, where she’d blend in every last bit of her cosmetics together to make one “Frankenstein (makeup).

For example:

Sophia Nygaard lipsticks, features, Eyeshadow, and more. Safiya Nygaard lipstick is additionally known for testing out Wish items and wearing bizarre or in any case themed outfits for a particular specific time.


Safiya Nygaard was brought into California. She and her family at that point moved to Chicago, Illinois while little Sophia Nygaard was still of a youthful age.

(We know this as in her “I dressed like my zodiac sign for seven days” video she enters her origin as Santa Clara however she additionally regularly says that her old neighborhood in Chicago so is the place where the disarray becomes possibly the most important factor.)

She is a huge Harry Potter fan in the house Ravenclaw and an admirer of mainstream society. As per a Buzzfeed article, she isn’t a morning individual. She isn’t an enthusiast of bodycon dresses as she never loves being uncovered in broad daylight.


Sophia Nygaard Lipstick, Nyx Lipstick

As a stylish and famous Vlogger, Sophia Nygaard is essentially expected to evaluate most series, which she does — however that doesn’t mean she’s a major fan of every one of them. In a 2016 video for her BuzzFeed series Ladylike, Sophia Nygaard and a few others went up against their greatest style fears to attempt to move beyond their instabilities.

In the video, Safiya Nygaard uncovered that her design dread is bodycon dresses since she abhors feeling uncovered. Nygaard went through seven days wearing an alternate bodycon dress every day, and by the end, she felt somewhat more agreeable in them than she had first at the beginning.

To summarize the experience, she expressed, “This was a tad of dismissal treatment, where it resembles, ‘Individuals are gazing at your butt, individuals are gazing at your butt.‘ But then sooner or later, you’re much the same as, listen it’s my butt, it’s there.


After 15 months of being a maker for her series Ladylike on BuzzFeed, Nygaard left the organization in January 2017. In March 2017, she posted a video on her own YouTube channel clarifying precisely why she left. Sophia Nygaard said that she left the organization because in light of the fact that she needed more freedom, obligation, and straightforwardness.

She said that she didn’t care for how she got a handle on the left of the decision-making when it went to the video series she had made. As per Sophia Nygaard, she wasn’t engaged with gatherings with higher-ups and was never given data on the fate of the arrangement.

At one point Sophia Nygaard said she had an acknowledgment, expressing, “I was never going to have the option to get the sort of obligation that I needed at BuzzFeed.” After some time, she chose she had unexpected objectives in comparison to the organization and left to zero in every last bit of her experience on her own Safiya Nygaard youtube channel.


Former BuzzFeed Producer Sophia Nygaard has been posting YouTube Review Videos for around a half year. Safiya Nygaard youtube channel as of now has more than 2.5 million Fans/Supporters, and her recordings are frequently included on YouTube’s moving page.

Here’s the manner by which Safiya Nygaard picked up countless endorsers so rapidly.

She made her channel by reviewing famous products-

A lot of BuzzFeed’s content centers around famous magnificence items and web-based media series:
Safiya Nygaard
embraced this equivalent procedure into her employ from the get-go. Since her recordings or videos were so significant for the occasion, they got moving actually rapidly.

She focused on a ton of her channel by sharing an extraordinary story in a viral video

The video that truly set Safiya Nygaard’s name up for life was “The reason I Left BuzzFeed.” She shared the story behind her change from BuzzFeed worker to Safiya Nygaard youtube channel’s full-time YouTuber.

Since the video focused an alternate light on a famous media organization, it got in excess of 9,000,000 perspectives.

She makes a greater amount of sort of recordings and videos that her watchers appreciate the most-

One of Sophia Nygaard’s most well-known video series includes purchasing the initial not many things that online media promotions prescribe to her. She began this video series in the excellence Vlogging network. She began with Facebook promotions and has since made recordings about other online media and applications.

Safiya Nygaard developed an enormous continuing in only a couple of months since she makes the sort of recordings that series. By making creative content via web-based media series, you, as well, can grow a bigger crowd.


Sophia Nygaard Lipstick, Nyx Lipstick

What attracts fans to Nygaard’s recordings and videos is her keen and exceptional method of making content. Not at all like most style and excellence channels. Nygaard’s isn’t simply item Reviews and instructional exercises.

She delivers fascinating and engaging recordings and videos (like wearing nine-foot-long pants for seven days), accommodating reviews you don’t see all over (like testing out various shopping stages), and even has a whole playlist committed to period exhortation.

Safiya Nygaard has made an effective space for herself on the web, and it’s intriguing to figure out how she got her beginning. Continue perusing to discover how she got to where she is today, and to learn things you never thought about Nygaard, regardless of whether you’re a major fan.


Safiya Nygaard is one of my number one YouTubers since she’s simply so darn cool. Have you ever taken a gander at somebody and thought, “All I need is to spend time with you,” since that is the means by which I feel about Sophia Nygaard.

I realize YouTubers are strange of well known on the grounds that we set them up in place of pray for being on the web in this organization. But at the same time, they’re more relatable than famous actors. It’s an odd center ground, however, there are a ton of people who I see at that degree of notoriety. Furthermore, since it’s quite a weird spot to be, I feel a ton of pride when they will do huge things.

Like working with ColourPop! Sophia Nygaard has been making Frankenstein for recent years, joining her eye-shadows and softening lipsticks together. The last has gotten her someplace truly flawless, explicitly Sophia Nygaard ColourPop Lipstick. As I’m certain a significant number of you know, ColourPop has been changing the cosmetics game by bringing us more affordable, excellent amazing products.

They’re loaded with interesting tones, rich equations, and color collaborations.


  • Berry Me in lipsticks
  • Fred
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Brucie
  • Mrs. Norris
  • Screamer

Sophia Nygaard’s efforts sold out super rapidly with its underlying delivery. Yet, they restocked, so I snatched myself two Safiya Nygaard colour pop shades: Mrs. Norris and Screamer. As somebody who has been attempting to be more aware of their restorative spending.

I picked Sophia Nygaard’s tones since they’re overly wearable. Mrs. Norris is a pleasant beige. And I have taken note of it! Screamer is a stunning, dark red. I used to have a comparative tone, however, I cleaned up it toward the finish of a year ago (it was drying and old as hell!).

I think these are both wearable tones. I’ve been wearing Mrs. Norris much more in light of the fact that with my present purple hair and recently discovered the love of energetic eyeshadow.

Yeah, the young lady needs some impartial. In any case, when I’m going with a more vibrant eye look. Screamer is a staggeringly ground-breaking lip! Clearly, Mrs. Norris is named for Filch’s feline in the Harry Potter series.

Screamer gets its name from its profound, frightfulness rousing red. The assortment likewise incorporates Bikini Bottom (for Spongebob), Brucie (Finding Nemo), Fred, and Berry Me In Lipsticks.


Sophia Nygaard Lipstick, Nyx Lipstick

Bundling: Dose of Colors liquid Sophia Nygaard lipstick comes in this cardboard box with the name and a little sample of the shading on it. This item would be extraordinary as a blessing to your companion as well. The liquid lipstick arrives in a transparent bundling in Safiya lipstick. The wand is completely formed and incredible for the application also. This liquid lipstick is somewhat on the costly side, yet it merits the cash!

Shading:Berry Me” is probably the prettiest shade that I have in my kitty. It falls somewhere close to the berry and profound purple shading range, which makes this tone significantly more lovely.

This additionally has a few traces of dim pink which makes it significantly more splendid. This tone would suit all skin tones and is probably the best shade for Indian skin tones.

Berry Me covers all lip pigmentation and is an extraordinary decision for dim lips also. It is an extraordinary other option on the off chance that you are exhausted of utilizing standard Safiya Nygaard colourpop lipstick conceals – this tone is something one of a kind to add to your kitty!


It is a profoundly pigmented lipstick and it can without much of a stretch cover the pigmentation of the lips. Berry Me In Lipstick has a super matte completion and it dries quite soon thus you need to apply it rapidly and cautiously.


Fred shocked me by being my #1 shading in my lovely favorite collection, a title I expected to go to Screamer or Brucie. It’s a ravishing, delicate red and it simply has quite a sentimental vibe to it. It’s additionally the shading I’m actually wearing in the wake of accepting every one of these photos.

I needed to test the life span of the recipe. Which I’m presently trying by eating skittles while composing – there’s science behind this Safiya lipstick you know!


Shading ColourPop Fred Lux Sophia Nygaard Lipstick ($7.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a more profound, medium-dull red with moderate, cool hints and a semi-matte completion. It had almost murky pigmentation in a solitary stroke, which conveyed smooth, even inclusion.

The consistency felt lightweight, dainty without being tenacious, and had a more smooth feel that assisted it with applying to pull. There was a dab of the item that sank into my more profound lip lines yet wasn’t recognizable face to face, simply in the nearby photographs.

The shading remained on pleasantly for more than six hours and left a stain behind, while the recipe felt non-drying after some time.


Sophia Nygaard Lipstick, Nyx Lipstick

Bikini Bottom is the lightest shade of the parcel. It’s truly pretty bare and I figure it will be my go-to regular bare shade starting now and into the foreseeable future. It applies super effectively and one coat took care of coverage as far as inclusion.

ColourPop Bikini Bottom Lux Lipstick ($7.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a quieted, peachy browny colored with inconspicuous, warm suggestions and a softly polished, cream finish. It had great shading inclusion in a solitary layer, however, it was barely short of full inclusion, particularly around my internal lip liner.

The Safiya Nygaard colourpop shading had a lightweight, smooth consistency that had enough slip to skim on without hauling however insufficient to slide around during wear.

There was a dab of the item that sank into my more profound lip lines, and it just got recognizable face to face towards the finish of wear. It kept going pleasantly for four and a half hours and felt delicately saturating while worn.


The shade that should be a “rich matte” that “floats on like margarine, doesn’t plume or drain, and endures so long you’ll fail to remember you’re in any event, wearing it.” most of the shades were very pigmented with full shading result in a solitary stroke with a couple in the more hazy inclusion range.

By and large, smooth, gently rich, and not very thick or excessively dainty, so there was no pulling during application except for the shading didn’t feel dangerous while worn, which made them simpler to apply directly from the shape and low-upkeep on the lips.

Bikini Bottom lipstick will in general dry and wear out to a delicate matte completion inside one to three hours of wear, and keeping in mind that they are exceptionally lightweight on.

They embrace the lips more as Safiya lipstick becomes more matte (contrasted with the starting feel). The wear time has been somewhere in the range of four and six hours for most shades, and most shades were non-drying to daintily hydrating. They were vanilla-scented however had no special taste.


Shading ColourPop Mrs. Norris Lux Safiya Lipstick ($7.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a quieted, medium beige browny colored with impartial to-warm and a silk finish. It had superb pigmentation that followed well my lips in a liquid stroke.

The surface was smooth without being too dangerous nor too substantial all the rage. So it was agreeable to apply and to wear. The Safiya Nygaard lipstick shading applied equally and keeping in mind that in the nearby photograph, there was a bit of accentuation of my more profound lip lines.

I didn’t see it face to face (at an ordinary/typical survey distance versus amplified!). It remained on well for four and a half hours and felt softly hydrating after some time.

The shade is a “velvety matte” that “skims on like margarine, doesn’t quill or drain, and endures so longyou’ll fail to remember you’re in any event, wearing it.” Most of the shades were very pigmented with full shading result in a solitary stroke with a couple in the more hazy inclusion range.


By and large, smooth, daintily velvety, and not very thick or excessively slim, so there was no pulling during application except for the Sophia Nyagaard lipstick colourpop shading didn’t feel elusive while worn, which made them simpler to apply directly from the shape and low-support on the lips.

Mrs. Norris lipstick is in general dry and wear out to a delicate matte completion inside one to three hours of wear, and keeping in mind that they are extremely lightweight on, they embrace the lips more as they become more matte (contrasted with introductory feel).

The wear time has been somewhere in the range of four and six hours for most shades, and most shades were non-drying to delicately hydrating. They were vanilla-scented yet had no noticeable taste.


Sophia Nygaard Lipstick, Nyx Lipstick

Shading ColourPop Screamer Matte Lux Safiya Lipstick ($7.00) is profound. Quieted pale blue greenish-blue with inconspicuous, cool connotations and a glossy silk finish. The pigmentation was almost murky in a solitary layer, which applied decently equitably over my lips.

Yet there was light inconsistency in spots (particularly my cupid’s bow region and the left and right zones of my lower lip). The more profound shading made it harder to tell face to face. Particularly as the shading appeared to recolor my lips. A grayish-purple tint Safiya Nygaard colourpop, which assisted with covering the flawed application.

The consistency is rich, smooth, and lightweight without being too elusive that it feathered or slid around during wear. However, I had an inclination that it was a piece excessively emollient and that was what prompted the patchier application. I’d suggest blending this with a lip liner. Or lip preliminary to relieve the sketchiness, as it was slight and fixable. It remained on well for five hours, abandoned a stain, and was daintily saturating over the long run.


Shading ColourPop Screamer Matte Lux Safiya Lipstick ($7.00). The Matte Lux lipstick should have a “velvet matte” finish. That is “long-wearing” with “serious pigmentation.delicate obscuring finish.” Most of the shades are very pigmented with four to six-hour wear and a non-drying feel.

The surface fluctuated a piece as certain shades were smooth, and slim without accentuating my lip lines. Or maneuvering into them yet a few isolated along my lip lines perceptibly. Most Importantly its shading subsided into my lip lines over the long run. I didn’t get a lot of fragrance from them- perhaps unobtrusive pleasantness – and no detectable taste.


Sophia Nygaard Lipstick makes the lips seem more full and more advantageous too

  • The matte completion makes the shade look far better and thoroughly makes the cosmetics look appear to be tasteful
  • Goes smooth and doesn’t turn sketchy anytime
  • Aces of Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick
  • An excessive number of delightful conceals to browse in this reach
  • Transparent bundling
  • Sophia Nygaard Lipstick collection contains beautiful shade which is a mix of berry, purple, and pink
  • The wand is completely molded for exact application
  • Super matte completion


  • You need to apply it quickly because it dries pretty fast
  • Gets ripped off from the middle of the lips if you eat something oily
  • Takes time to remove and you need a good waterproof makeup remover
  • Expensive but worth it

Which one of the shades from the Safiya AKA Sophia Nygaard lipstick collection did you like the most?