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Nykaa Best liquid lipstick Matte To Last! Review

Liquid Lipstick Matte Collection is Nykaa’s Dream Passion Project. Nykaa has been buckling down on this venture for 14 Months or above to discover Perfect Formula and Shades. It is profoundly enlivened by India and created in Italy.

Each shade name is roused by 10 of our astounding urban areas. Nykaa’s Every shade inspires an inclination and plan to locate the ideal match in the assortment. Each shade in the assortment is picked by the individuals as they asked on their Instagram Page even the tool of the Nykaa lipstick is settled by the needs/proposals of the individuals. Each and every shade goes truly well on each skin tone.

About Nykaa Liquid Lipstick Matte

liquid lipstick Matte, Nyx Lipstick

Presently, Let’s a discussion about the liquid lipstick Matte shade. The shade is simply amazing, that isn’t going to go anyplace until you choose to take it off! Liquid Lipstick is exceptionally pigmented like in one swipe you get a lot of items; it is excessively light-weighted and has a delicate hydrated matte completion.

Liquid Lipstick Matte is enhanced with Vitamin-E that is the reason it is very hydrating not dry out your lips. At the point when I put in my lips for testing that what amount of time it requires and all, It remains for good 6-7 hours and in that purpose of time I had a few organic products, and my lunch yet it actually remains that implies it is move confirmation also.

I can undoubtedly think about the shade of this Liquid Lipstick with Any Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick, which is more expensive however these Nykaa Liquid Lipstick Matte work so amazing and so impressive. In this Nyx Lipstick blog, I’m going to review Nykaa liquid lipstick matte to last.

Pricing And Accessibility

Nykaa Liquid Lipstick Matte costs INR 550 that is really affordable for anyone.

You can easily access or buy this Liquid Lipstick Matte shade on Nykaa stores and the Nykaa website. Also through Nykaa fashion India online website. You can also buy this Liquid Lipstick Matte shade from the Nykaa fashion affiliate online website.

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Liquid Lipstick Matte Claims

Liquid Lipstick Matte Last Liquid Lipstick Collection is a tribute to every single one of you beautiful ladies and is near our souls. You have assisted us with picking every last bit of this item and we have together made this staggering assortment.

Each Liquid Lipstick Matte shade of this assortment is picked by you and encapsulates the persona of each spot. Each shade catches the substance of the spot and ladies like you, who make it considerably more wonderful!

Matte to Last Liquid Lipstick assortment is Nykaa’s purposeful venture.

Liquid Lipstick Matte comes in 10 Different Shades

Liquid Lipstick Matte Liquid Lipstick Shades

These Liquid Lipstick Matte come in plastic bottles. The small’s have dark cap straightforward body. These arrive in a cardboard box with the subtleties on them and have images engraved on them.

These smaller than usual’s have doe-foot item system is difficult to contact. More than the pressing I think I had the opportunity to discuss the detailing of these.

Surface And Pigmentation

Now I have attempted N number of Liquid Lipstick Matte and this presents the slightest bit’s extraordinary. The surface is somewhat watery, it’s slight, feels practically like the color on lips. In spite of the fact that pigmented, these don’t go hazy on lips like the other Liquid lipsticks.

They sit with fine matte completion on the lips. One coat is all it requires, more than it winds up being brittle and the item feels substantial.

It doesn’t cover pigmented lips. The murkiness of the lips tops through the shades I have. The shade dries down shortly. They do wear off from the focal point of the lips after supper. Preparing of the lips is an unquestionable requirement simply like on account of some other liquid matte.

Nykaa Liquid Lipstick Matte Shade: Review

liquid lipstick Matte, Nyx Lipstick

Nykaa has dispatched another scope of lipstick “MATTE TO LAST“. I chose 6 shades out of 10.

Price INR.550/ – each for 4.5ML of item

Availability-  Nykaa stores and Nykaa online

Just type in your web browser- Nyka near me and you’ll find thousands of Nykaa stores near you 😉

Shade, Consistency, And Fragrance

All the shades of Liquid Lipstick are stunning and most appropriate for Indian skin tones. You can without much of a stretch apply one and change your whole look quickly.

The consistency is rich and smooth which makes it very simple to apply. There is a specific fruity scent to it that makes you need to taste the Liquid Lipstick Matte. YUM!

These are the shades I got-

  • Nykaa KUDI
  • Nykaa BEGUM
  • Nykaa MAHARANI
  • Nykaa MISHTI
  • Nykaa BOMBAE
  • Nykaa IT GIRL

Shade Packaging

Going to the packing the Liquid Lipstick, this Nykaa lipstick arrives in a straightforward sort of bundling. The bundling appears to be like “NARS” lip shading bundling. The lip tone is small (although it has 4.5ml of product) and it has adorable packing. It is travel-friendly.

The packing resembles any typical Liquid lipstick. It arrives in a smooth, matte dark bundling. The shade code makes it simple to detect the Liquid lipstick from a far distance.

Shade Features

Beginning with Nykaa Khoobsurat: A delightful unbiased pink ideal for light complexion tone generally.

Nykaa Guwa Hottie: A warm earthenware dull brown colored which will glance great in all skin tone.

Nykaa Kudi: A neon sort of fuchsia pink which will look great on light complexion tone generally. A delightful, cheeky, and splendid pink shade which is simply ideal for each event. I figure this would suit all skin tones as it adds a fly to the face immediately.

Nykaa Begum: An excellent cool plum pink shade ideal for all skin tones. This one is my second fav conceal after Guwa Hottie. This one is a more obscure sister of IT Girl, a bolder however unquestionably stylish pink shade that would shake any look.

Nykaa Maharani: A dim red shade ideal for all skin tones.

Nykaa Mishti: An excellent pinkish red shade that will look great overall skin tone.

Nykaa Bombae: A stunning bare shade that will suit most more attractive skin tones. I figure the most ideal approach to utilize it is to blend it in with a small piece of coral lipsticks and presto, ideal shade for EVERY skin tone.

Nykaa IT Girl: An inconspicuous yet tasteful pink shade that coordinates the shade of berries. This shade would look AMAZING with a naked eye look combined with traces of coral become flushed!

My Experience Of Liquid Lipstick Matte

liquid lipstick Matte, Nyx Lipstick

Nykaa is a brand which was consistently similar to all in or all out sort of brand for me. So I was not expecting much from these Liquid Lipstick Matte lip tones. In any case, the second I swatched these lip tones in stores I like the surface of these lipsticks.

Going to the pigmentation of these Liquid lipsticks, these are medium pigmented. The lighter shades need 3-4 swipes to get that hazy inclusion on lips while the hazier shade is anything but difficult to work with. The hazier shades need 2-3 swipes to get the inclusion.

Proceeding onward to the resilience, the lipstick remains 4-5 hours all the rage. These move evidence however on the off chance that you rub your fingers on lips the shading comes out. They don’t move on cups or glasses yet on the off chance that you eat something they blur a piece. The dull shade stays like a stain all the rage even in the wake of blurring while this component is missing in lighter shades.

The lipstick sets aside a piece effort to get total matte so you should be cautious that you don’t eat or drink anything soon after the use of Liquid Lipstick Matte. The liquid lipstick is anything but difficult to eliminate.

Generally Speaking

The Liquid Lipstick Matte is an okay kind of off for me. Also, certainly, I will say I like them as these come as the second inclination in my Liquid lipstick records from any drugstore brand.

I love liquid lipstick, they are in vogue, adaptable and there are 1,000 different ways you can wear them.

You can explore different avenues regarding various shadings and top off with a shine to having a polished result. Nykaa came out with these Liquid lipsticks and young ladies went insane. These really left stock right away.

OH GOSH, the pigmentation made me go crazy as well!

Method Of Use Liquid Lipstick Matte

Apply like an ordinary Liquid lipstick and start from the center going towards the end, you have truly amazing lips.


Get a stunning, cheeky look just by applying a lovely Liquid Lipstick Matte shade. Apply the reds for a night out or the inconspicuous nudes for a regular office look.

Pros Of Nykaa Liquid Lipstick

  • Exceptionally pigmented
  • Smooth and velvety on application
  • Simple to apply
  • Simple to convey
  • Enhanced with Vitamin E and Anti-oxidants
  • Cold-bloodedness Free
  • Liberated from Paraben
  • Ravishing shades
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Effectively available on Nykaa stores and Nykaa website

Cons Of Nykaa Liquid Lipstick

  • Can’t endure dinners

My Final Review

The Liquid Lipstick Matte shades are AMAZING and look great on all skin tones. The Liquid lipsticks offer the best pigmentation and velvety, smooth consistency. They keep going for 5-6 hours easily. In general, an extraordinary decision for lipstick hoarders! 😉

Which Brand or Which is your most favorite Liquid Lipstick Matte?