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Smokey Eye Makeup is the trending makeup of all times. The most current look in smokey eye cosmetics is the Smokey Eye Makeup look, despite the fact that it’s not really another look. The charm of this exemplary look changes any lady’s eyes from daytime office to evening time complexity.

You don’t need to be a runway model to have significantly tempting eyes; you basically need to figure out how to apply the smokey eye cosmetics effectively. Ideally, the data included here will assist you with getting the attractive, touchy eyes that make each head turn. In this Nyx Lipstick Blog, I’m going to share the best Smokey eye makeup tricks. 😉

Eye Makeup Steps

The principal thing that you ought to have done prior to beginning your eyes to make them smokey eyes is to dampness, apply your establishment, and some other everyday items you utilize, for example, concealer.

Ensure you have powdered your face to dispose of the sparkle. You ought to likewise consider utilizing an eye shadow groundwork to make your eye cosmetics remain on longer. When you have your ordinary routine finished, you are prepared to begin.


Use your dark or kohl eyeliner pencil to diagram your whole eye. You ought to have a thicker line on the upper eyelid than you do the lower top.


Using your little wipe tool or eye shadow brush, apply the base tone to your eyelid, over the whole piece of the eyelid that moves. This eye area feels like your eyeball. Convey this base shading somewhat over the wrinkle to about the midway imprint between the base of the eye and your eyebrow.


You should utilize a more modest brush or a sharp wipe to apply the form tone. To start with, utilize the sharp wipe or implement to put the shape shading right around the eyes, following the eyeliner that you applied before. In the event that you use eye shadow brushes functions admirably for this part.

Somewhat close your eye and utilize your tool to put the shape tone in the wrinkle of the eye. Characterize the state of your eyes utilizing your tool to apply the form tone to the external corner of the eye.

You should target making an ‘ANGULAR‘ shape with the form tone. Try not to stress over the appearance right now; you will mix it all together in the following stage.


You currently need to mix the shadings to get a smooth Smokey Eye Makeup look that doesn’t have incredibly novel qualifications. Utilizing a marginally bigger round instrument or brush mix in the shadings on the eyelid, remember that you’re doing whatever it takes not to make one tone, just relax the outline. Next, mix the tones on the base eyelid and the edge of the eye.


Smokey Eye Makeup Nyx Lipstick

This is the application in Smokey Eye Makeup that causes the eyes to seem bigger and truly stick out. In the event that you would prefer not to utilize a form tone, face powder will function also. Utilizing your tool, apply the shape tone of powder to the region just underneath your eyebrow.

Smooth this tone down as you apply it and watch your eyes seem to get smokier as this light shading causes you to notice the hazier tones and accents them.


Apply your dark mascara as you typically would; notwithstanding, apply an additional coat and clear the brush toward your external eye. This adds to the sensational Smokey Eye Makeup impact.

You should now have excellent, smokey eyes with rich shading brilliance that gradates over the eyes and is more obscure toward the external corner. You can make this look utilizing an assortment of shading triplets yet you should remain in the hazier shading family for the best outcomes.


Eyelashes are an important part to be considered while doing Smokey Eye Makeup. Beautiful eyes with the pretty color of mascara on lashes will enhance your beauty. Some of us have big eyelashes while some have small eyelashes. The ones whose eyelashes are big in length can beautifully apply smokey eye makeup on them. While the ones whose eyelashes are small in length do many kinds of things to add length to them.

There are both natural and artificial Smokey Eye Makeup ways to make small eyelashes big in length. Natural ways deal with applying petroleum jelly or castor oil or olive oil or vaseline while going to bed. By applying one of these things regularly your lashes will grow and become stronger.

Diet also affects the growth of eyelashes. If your diet contains bananas, beans, yogurt, whole grains, almonds then the lashes will grow naturally. By using fake eyelashes, eye extensions we can add length to the lashes. These are artificial methods.

Fake eyelashes deal with adding fake/unreal lashes above natural lashes. A pair of lashes is picked up and then are trimmed according to preference.

Smokey Makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup Nyx Lipstick

Eyelash glue is spread on tip of the lash and using tweezers they are picked up and placed above natural lashes. Place it in such a way that it looks like they are natural ones. But if there is some space left between natural and artificial ones then you can cover it by using eyeliner. If you are using fake eyelash then make sure that you remove them before you go to bed as in sleep them can damage your natural eyelashes.

Removing these lashes is also simple. They can be removed by using Smokey Eye Makeup remover or applying some wet cloth or wet cotton swabs on lashes and let the glue be thinned. Then using tweezers you can carefully remove the lashes.

More about Smokey Eye Makeup

An eye extension is also an artificial method to make lashes look longer and thicker. It is different from using fake eyelashes. Extensions of synthetic material are prepared and added to each of the lashes using tweezers. This makes all the lashes of eyelashes similar. Colorful extensions are available in the market these days.

This is a difficult method to experiment with at home, so it is advisable to go to a salon if you want Smokey Eye Makeup extensions on your eyelashes. Unlike fake eyelashes, it is not necessary that extensions have to be removed when going to sleep. If maintained properly, then extensions can be kept for 3 months.

Adding on length to the lashes will make them appear more beautiful. You can also curl them using a curler and can apply different color mascara to enhance the beauty of your eyes. That’ll be perfect Smokey Eye Makeup.

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