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The NYX Butter Gloss swatches are very lightly tinted gloss swatches that leave a natural finish on your lips. They are available during a clear screw-top tube with a doe-foot applicator, and NYX Lipstick has done a tremendous job matching the color of the plastic on the caps with the color of the particular product so it’s tons like opaque packaging when new.

The NYX butter gloss swatches have a reasonably stringy and sticky texture which worried me a touch, but after application, the feel may be a lot less sticky and glossy. The job my memory a touch of a tinted ointment, like Revlon’s discontinued Lip Butters that I loved.

They even have the moisturizing power and low maintenance of an ointment, but on the flip side, they even have the endurance of a comparatively long-lasting ointment (a few hours without eating and with minimal drinking).

I’ve found them very handy for layering on top of drying Nyx matte lipsticks halfway through the day, once your lip skin decides to go away the nest in highly unsexy flakes that only worsen when you attempt to apply more Nyx lipstick.

NYX’s Butter Gloss swatches are LOVE!

Like most NYX Lipstick products, these are available a mind-boggling array of shades: there are 34 within the NYX butter gloss swatches range. Here are those I’ve tried:

Eclair – a cool lilac-toned pink

Crème Brulee – warm brown pink

Strawberry Parfait – cool medium pink

Apple Strudel – light coral pink

Cherry Pie – bright apple red

I usually don’t use cool-toned Nyx lipsticks as they have a tendency to seem weird against my warm-toned skin, but I used to be pleasantly surprised to seek out that Eclair worked fine on me if I used a skinny enough layer – the sheer tint blends in together with your natural lip color quite well.

I didn’t just like the sticky feeling of a thick layer, so I haven’t been wearing these for the color though I’ve seen some reviews that say the color is often built up. If you’re after more pigment, I’d recommend the Nyx intense Butter Gloss swatches instead.


Nyx butter gloss swatches , Nyx Lipstick

There’s also a more pigmented version of the NYX butter gloss swatches: the Nyx intense Butter Gloss swatches. These are still shiny, but have tons more tint in them, more like highly moisturizing lipsticks. They’re surprisingly immune to budging.

Once I applied these the primary time. I expected it to finish up everywhere on my face within the hour, but with a touch little bit of care, I managed to avoid embarrassment all day! rather than a doe foot applicator. The Nyx intense Butter Gloss swatches have a flatter paddle, which makes it easier to regulate. I’ve heard that some people like better to apply them with a lip brush for better precision, but I had no issues.

Without fail, there’s always one brand that stands bent me as I’m scouring the shelves. Nyx Professional Makeup’s Nyx butter gloss swatches are a full-range cosmetics line that creates beauty accessible, both in terms of simple use and price. I recently learned that one among my favorite products—the Nyx butter gloss swatches—sells every 15 seconds, and to be frank, I wasn’t surprised within the least.

Below, find my review of this drugstore must-have, including the pros, cons, and a couple of gushing paragraphs about my love for it.


  • Large shade selection (26, to be exact)
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Provides intense shine
  • The price


  • Offers sheer to medium coverage
  • Needs to be reapplied throughout the day
  • Bottom Line

The NYX Professional Makeup Nyx butter gloss swatches are a must-have product courtesy of the massive shade selection, non-sticky formula, intense shine, and accessible tag.

How to Apply:

The Daily Concepts Daily Lip Scrubber ($6) may be a silicone brush that sloughs away any chapped skin on my lips, and it’s what I exploit pre-application to supply a smooth, soft base for my lip products. Thankfully, because the Nyx Butter Gloss is, well, a lip gloss (versus a liquid lipstick), its formula is of course moisturizing to start with. I usually gravitate toward nude and baby pink lip colors, and custard and Madeline are my go-to’s for several years.


NYX Professional Makeup is bringing luxurious and high-quality products like Nyx sugar trip Lippie vault to the cosmetic industry for affordable prices. Noticing that a lot of women are becoming priced out of top-end products. They sought to form makeup accessible for everybody without degrading the standard.


  1. Whatever your mood, whatever your style, with this Nyx sugar trip Lippie vault
  2. In the collection, you’ll replicate the attitude you are feeling.
  3. 18 lipsticks and 18 lip-liners structure this exclusive palette and provides you a plethora of options to play with.
  4. Boasting a variety of luscious matte finishes, including the creamy Soft Matte, the polished matte Suede Cream, and Lingerie Liquid, which provide an enduring weightless finish, they’re the last word beauty products for killer lips.
  5. With high pigmentation and much nourishment, these NYX sugar trip Lippie vault supply wealthy color that lasts all day long, also as severe hydration for dry, chapped lips.


Nyx Professional Makeup’s: Nyx sugar trip Lippie vault is extremely good for people with dry pores and skin, searching for complete and medium coverage and getting to get a matte end. This NYX Professional Makeup’s Nyx sugar trip Lippie vault contains acid which helps to even out skin tone.


Choose your favored color and follow with the matching lip-liner extra about NYX butter gloss swatches drenching your pout in lashings of buttery pigment, the NYX professional makeup’s Nyx butter gloss swatches are your speedy-song pass to a red-carpet-equipped pout.

Arriving in 16 feminine shades. The Nyx Butter Gloss Swatches dresses up your smile with its high-shine finish and bold pigment for enviable results. Choose from peachy pinks and plum purples for an array of various styles that match your every mood.

Loved for its softer-than-soft, non-sticky texture, the Nyx gloss wears easily and comfortably throughout the day to supply long-lasting results. But the advantages don’t stop there. The Nyx gloss also imparts a surge of moisture to stay your pout hydrated for a flake-free finish. Once applied, each gloss provides a sheer-to-medium coverage which will be layered up for a stronger finish. Imparting a high-shine effect, the gloss is often worn alone or on top of lipstick.

Discover your most kissable pout yet with the NYX Professional Makeup’s Nyx Butter Gloss Swatches


NYX Lipstick Nyx Butter Gloss Swatches for those trying to find medium and sheer or natural coverage and getting to get a matte finish.


Nyx butter gloss swatches , Nyx Lipstick

Buttery soft and silky clean, our decadent Nyx butter gloss swatches are now to be had in 12 more sumptuous sunshades. Every sleek color can provide sheer to medium coverage that melts onto your lips and isn’t sticky – leaving your lips gentle, supple, and kissable.”


Apply the gloss to your lips for a sheer-to-medium wash of color

Alternatively, apply the above lipstick for a bolder finish


Named after the Greek goddess of the night. NYX Professional Makeup skills to form you are feeling your best once you head out for a night together with your friends. Attractive and sultry, their alluring variety has the colors, sun shades, and textures for women everywhere.

The Results: Sheer, juicy, and multi-purpose

On days I’m doing minimal makeup. I’m not trying to find full coverage on my lips. Because an opaque formula wouldn’t pair well with my bare eyes and natural face makeup.

Nyx butter gloss swatches are a formula that’s marketed as sheer to medium coverage. And while a couple of the shades are more pigmented than others, the bulk of them are sheer.

The beauty of this NYX butter gloss swatches product, although, is it layers beautifully with lip liner, lipstick, or matte liquid lipstick without feathering or clumping up. Plus, I dig the vanilla heady scent and matching sweet coloration names.

Comment down your favorite Nyx Butter Gloss Swatches 🙂