Pinkish Nude Nyx Lipstick

Pinkish Nude Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner: Review

Pinkish Nude” shade is amazing and I just love NYX Professional Makeup as a brand. Since it’s similar to a drugstore option in contrast to MAC Cosmetics and they generally have extraordinary shade choice. Not that I’ve attempted quite a bit of their items, since we don’t have them in Slovenian drugstore.

However, I am generally so upbeat when I can get some face to face. Their Slim Lip Pencils immediately got one of my top picks, generally in light of the wide choice of Nude Pink shades that they offer.

So, I am here with another Pinkish Nude Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner review and this one is the “Nude Pink” that I had referenced in my prior review of the Nude shade “Pinkish Nude”.

Pinkish Nude Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner Lip Liners

Pinkish Nude Nyx Lipstick

Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner Lip Liners have serious pigmentation and are excessively smooth to apply. All the characteristics are equivalent to the Pinkish Nude shade that I had investigated. I anticipated that this pink shade should be somewhat sketchy, yet fortunately, it turned out fine and dandy.

The main issue I have with this Nyx Lipstick shade is that it’s anything but a Nude pink. Truth be told, it’s exceptionally warm conditioned and ruddy pink; very amazing as well. Nude pinks are normally expected to be fragile with a trace of pink not at all like this Nyx Lipstick shade.

I truly don’t care for this shade since it makes my lips look dim. This shade looked wonderful when I got it however sadly not the one for me.

I love the quality of Nyx Professional makeup lipstick, amount and pigmentation of this Pinkish Nude lip liner and would suggest it for medium-hazier/hotter skin conditioned ladies. However, it’s a miss for reasonable/cool skin conditioned ladies.

Pros of Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner in Pinkish Nude

  • Extraordinary pigmentation and very smooth application
  • Dependable and waterproof
  • Doesn’t smirch or plume out
  • Reasonable for the amount
  • Retractable, consequently no wastage of item
  • The fixing list is referenced
  • 19 conceals/ shades to browse

Cons of Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner in Pinkish Nude

  • Not a Nude pink, indeed it’s pretty warm conditioned and ruddy pink
  • No sharpener for exact application (not generally a con for me)

Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner – NUDE PINK


Reviewing this Pinkish Nude Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner to you all which has a place with #1 image of “NYX Professional Makeup“. Off late, I have understood that my fantasy vanity unit is feeling the loss of a Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner.

Need to check it out for brandishing sheer lip tones (considering the minor defects all the rage which frequently make me avoid sheer lip tones).

Consequently, I chose to check this Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner out subsequent to hearing very great input from everybody. I additionally love this Nyx Professional Makeup’s lip liner for its slim and smooth completion (and furthermore at the cost it comes at).

Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner In Pinkish Nude Review

Pinkish Nude Nyx Lipstick

Thin, trim yet never demure, our lip pencils arrive in an assortment of running shades—from Pinkish Nude to Orange and traffic-halting Pinkish Nude. The rich, long-wearing lip liner equation goes on effectively and opposes dying.


$3.50 for 0.04 Oz (1.05 g), cost bars transportation, and income tax charges.


It’s a basic Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner wooden pencil with a dark plan and there is a shade of the pencil at the base so you can think that it is speedier. Shades aren’t actually consistent with their shading. You need to hone it. I for one favor these exemplary slim lip pencil NYX swatch pencils over any retractable ones, since you can hone them to a pleasant point.

NYX slim lip pencil NYX swatch comes in wooden pencil bundling with a security cap however a sharpener is absent. It doesn’t have any smell or taste and I discover it very easy to understand and travel benevolent.

In it is 1 gram of item and it costs around 4€, contingent upon where you get it.


Nyx slim lip pencil NYX swatch has an immense determination of almost 40 shades and a great deal of them are Nude Pink just as certain Pinks, Mauves, and flies of Pinkish Nude and Orange.

I went for all basically Nude shades in different shades.

Nude Pink – light impartial to cool pink

Common – light warm caramel Nude

Ever – More obscure light impartial to warm earthy mauve yet has some pink tone to it

Surprise Neutral – light warm grimy pink

Mauve – light nonpartisan mauve

Nude Beige – light cool dark fade yellow-colored Pinkish Nude

I chose to sample and analyze all of the unbiased conceals that I have from NYX Professional Makeup. It very well may be simpler for you to choose once you see them close to one another. I realize that it is so difficult to purchase items dependent on online patterns.

Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Nyx Swatch Review

Pinkish Nude Nyx Lipstick

My total most loved shade out of these is Natural. This is actually the kind of Nude pink that I generally needed – something earthy. Yet at the same time light enough and not very warm or cool. Nyx Natural is my subsequent top choice and it suits me much better since I have a touch of tan. It resembles a pinkish adaptation of Natural. Nude Pink is too girly and excessively pink for my loving.

Ever is probably a trick from MAC lip pencil in Soar. I realize this is an exceptionally well-known shade. In spite of the fact that I think it suits better marginally more medium skin tones. I like it on me as well, despite the fact that it’s not generally a Nude on me any longer.

Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner Performance

These Pinkish Nude wear pleasantly, yet aren’t move or especially dependable which doesn’t trouble me by any stretch of the imagination. I lean toward comfort over the long-lasting power of these Nyx Lipstick swatches. They feel very lightweight on the lips and not especially drying by the same token.

Nude Pink Shade determination is unquestionably NYX Professional Makeup’s prefer Pinkish Nude position contrasted with other drugstore brands. It is an exemplary Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner that applies well and feels great on the lips. In case you’re searching for something exceptionally enduring or include Pinkish Nude pigmented, this won’t be for you.

I love these Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner pencils in light of quite a wide scope of Nyx nudes which is the thing that I utilize the most. There will be an ideal Nude Pink for any skin tone. On the off chance that you have issues finding your-lips-however better lip pencil conceal, at that point certainly look at NYX Lipstick. I will purchase more later on, on the grounds that they likewise pair so well with my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

My Experience With NYX Pinkish Nude Slim Lip Pencil Liner

Pinkish Nude Nyx Lipstick

Indeed, I love wearing lipsticks and sparkles, however, I am not into wearing lip liners underneath each lip gleam or lipstick. Be that as it may, I understood the significance of wearing lip liners particularly when you experience terrible lip days like pigmentation, draining issues, and so on.

I do have a dark fix all the rage which is very obvious. When I am wearing sheer Nyx lipsticks and the incongruity is that I like sheer lip tones as they give that unpretentious clue with no substantial look to my face.

This NYX Professional makeup lip pencil assisted me with this. Besides, I own many earthy-colored Pinkish Nude shades, carnation pinks and impartial pink tones and a couple of them need a decent base to appear in a flawless and even completion on the lips.

I am happy to see that this spending lip liner satisfied my desires so well. It is an unobtrusive blushing earthy colored Pinkish Nude liner which makes it a widespread liner to use with any ruddy Pinkish Nude/beige pink I feel.

My Personal Experience On Nyx Nude Pink Liners

This Nyx Professional Makeup appears to be a fine rich liner on the surface which works Pinkish Nude from coating lip, filling in lips with pulling by any stretch of the imagination. Nude Pink doesn’t set on my lip lines however I feel it very well may be interesting for exceptionally dry lips with its fine matte surface.

This Nyx slim nude pink liner Sets up very well with my generally unbiased/beige pinks, even ruddy pink and carnation pinks truly well without changing their unique shade.

It assisted me to accomplish that expert completion on lips with its rich surface yet matte completion which is all set alone just as with any reasonable gleam or lip tone.

Also, it intelligently covers minor lip defects and pigmentation well indeed; notwithstanding, I didn’t see any distinction in wear season of my lip items with this.


The wear season of this Pinkish Nude pencil alone is 3-4 hours with light tidbits and suppers. Nude Pink may totally disappear without any stains post-lunch/supper. This likewise clarifies how velvety and delicate it would be all the rage. I typically dread utilizing Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner since they regularly appear to choose my dry patches and my lips show up drier than expected.

However, I need not worry about the equivalent with this Nyx Slim Lip Pencil Lip Liner genuinely. It adroitly excuses dryness and light sketchy skin however I feel it’s in every case better to scour lips preceding utilizing any lip item.

I don’t think I need it to increment or upgrade the wearing season of my lipstick or gleams as it isn’t intended to do as such! Notwithstanding, I might positively want to save it for hiding and covering minor lip imperfections separated from causing me to sport transparent beige/nude lips.

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner: PROS

  • An inconspicuous ruddy pink shade which combines well with impartial/beige/ruddy/carnation pink lip tones just as shines
  • Gives ideal definition to my lips with its hardened at this point velvety recipe with no pulling/pulling
  • Doesn’t subside into scarce differences, indeed, sagaciously disguises minor lip imperfections up to a decent degree
  • Rich yet matte surface, which can undoubtedly deal with ordinary dry lips, however not for extremely dry lips
  • It doesn’t look cakey or fine underneath any lip shade or lip gleam (being a fine matte lip pencil in completion).
  • Doesn’t cause any dryness or emphasize any lip issues.
  • Respectable backbone
  • Effectively lines my lips. Likewise turns out great with filling lips being a non-padded and non-tacky item.
  • A significant reasonable item with beautiful shade determination

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner: CONS

  • I was anticipating that it should improve the wearing season of my lighter lip conceals
  • May be interesting for exceptionally dry lips as it will in general feature flaky skin a few times

My Opinion on NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner

Indeed, subsequent to attempting each spending agreeable/profoundly evaluated lip item. I emphatically feel that altogether peeled and all around hydrated lips are expected to accomplish a glitz look. Pinkish Nude truly doesn’t make a difference in which lip item we decide to wear all the rage as long as our lips are delicate and graceful as they will make any modest/costly lipstick/sparkle resemble 1,000,000 dollars (according to my experience).

There are times when I see that even a dollar Nude Pink lipstick can give me honorary pathway commendable looks while different occasions.

So at last, the skin is critical to accomplish that glitz look. Anyway, this excessively modest Pinkish Nude lip pencil gets 9/10.

I couldn’t want anything more than to get this Pinkish Nude shade again regardless of its resilience and additionally different variables in light of the fact that this Nude Pink shade is beautiful.

Do you often wear these Pinkish Nude lipsticks?