Nyx Seduction Swatch

NYX Seduction Swatch Lip Lingerie To Buy This New year!

NYX Seduction Swatch is a lavish liquid lipstick with an extravagant matte completion. Its hot shade covers the bends of the lips with an overwhelmingly smooth color. In this Nyx Lipstick blog, I’m again going to review Nyx Cosmetics Seduction swatch 😉

NYX Lip Lingerie Seduction Swatch

Nyx Seduction Swatch

The NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid lipsticks come in excellent straightforward glass bundling. The bottle is a level doe-foot wand that assists with an exact application. You do need to be cautious while applying the Nyx Seduction Swatch onto your cupid’s bow with this implement as it is level.

The bundling of this product is excellent, and very much wanted by me over NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream.


Nyx Lip lingerie

This Nyx lip lingerie shading arrives in a straightforward plastic round and a hollow compartment with a dark plastic cover. A doe-foot bottle is appended to the screw-open top. The bundling is durable and smooth simultaneously. Its shape and size are extremely helpful to convey while voyaging.

All the composed subtleties are available in the body of the item alongside a full fixing list. By and large, it’s a pleasant bundling; rich, complain free, and easy to use.



It is a liquid lipstick however its consistency is thick, more like a lip cream. When it connects with air, it requires a couple of moments just to get totally dry, matte, and move evidence. In this way, I should be very snappy with the application, or the unforgiving equation would settle down. The equation of this lip color contributes extraordinarily to its backbone.


Nyx Lipstick

The enticement is a nude light brown colored shade with warm hints. This Nyx Seduction swatch is only a couple of colors more obscure than my medium pigmented lips. It very well may be an ideal ‘my lips yet better‘ sort of a shade for warm conditioned Indian appearances.

Nyx Lip Lingerie shade can be combined with substantial eye cosmetics or smokey eyes and worn both day and night events. This Nyx Lip Lingerie shade is appropriate for everybody beginning from school going young ladies to office going ladies. With this Nyx lingerie shade, an inconspicuous corporate cosmetics look can be made without any problem.


Lip Lingerie

This liquid lip color has great shading results. Simply a solitary coat is sufficient to get full darkness. Normally, the real nature of this item will show on even the most pigmented lips.


This NYX seduction swatch remains endlessly for my lips. It remains all the rage for 8-9 hours with suppers, mid-day meals, and beverages in the middle. Yet, with exceptionally hefty sleek suppers, the shading begins to blur from the center of the lips. This one is a real sense doesn’t move until I utilize an oil-based cosmetics remover.


This lip color is without any fragrance.

My Experience With Nyx Seduction Swatch

Nyx Seduction Swatch

I have attempted this Nyx lip lingerie lip color with unpretentious cosmetics just as extreme eye cosmetics. In both cases, this Nyx lingerie shade has mixed in impeccably. The glow of the Seduction swatch shade lights up the appearance without being boisterous.

The calm nuance is the USP of this liquid lip color. I had exclusive requirements from this item and it has effectively demonstrated its value. The Nyx Lip lingerie shading force was wonderful yet not white. The resilience was remarkable as well.

Nyx Seduction Swatch shading remains for what it’s worth; it doesn’t sink into scarce differences of the lips. I simply need to add a tip about this item here. This item begins to get truly dry following 4-5 hours. It is ideal to saturate lips altogether to stay away from stretchy inclination.


7 U.S $ and 650/-INR

Pros And Cons Of Nyx Seduction Swatch

Pros & Cons

  • Warm light brown colored nude lip shading appropriate for Indian skin

  • Exceptional pigmentation

  • Magnificent fortitude

  • Move evidence matte completion

  • Doesn’t sink into scarcely discernible differences of lips

  • Can be drying for moistureless lips
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Are you willing to buy this Nyx Lip Lingerie seduction swatch this coming new year?

Query1. Does Nyx soft matte lip cream transfer?

My Views-

The Nyx lip cream is moved confirmation, insofar as you’re not scouring anything on them and as long as you don’t put any oil all the rage. The item doesn’t break on the lips as some other matte lip items do. Even following not many hours, you don’t have any break.

Query2. Is Nyx soft matte lip cream vegan?

My Views-

Indeed. Fortunately, NYX Cosmetics isn’t just mercilessness free yet they likewise have loads of veggie lover alternatives as well. NYX Cosmetics utilizes some creature and creature determined fixings in certain items, for example, carmine, beeswax, and others.

Query3. How long does Nyx soft matte lip cream last?

My Views-

Nyx Matte liquid lipsticks are, in any case, known to be incredibly long-wearing which most analysts concur that the Soft Matte Lip Creams are definitely not. They could last a decent 3-5 hours (without eating) before it needs a re-application.

Query4. Does Nyx soft matte lip cream dry?

My Views-

The Nyx soft matte lip creams are not drying! They feel exceptionally velvety on the lips yet at the same time have that matte completion. They arrive in a wide shade of tones and aren’t costly in any way. They’re accessible at the drugstores as well, which is also a bonus with Nyx Cosmetics.

Query5. Are Nyx lip liners vegan?

My Views-

Indeed, NYX Cosmetics is a cruelty-free cosmetic brand! None of NYX Cosmetics fixings, details, or completed items are tried on animals, anyplace on the planet. Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that NYX Cosmetics is claimed by L’Oreal, a parent partnership that tests on animals when legally necessary.

Query6. Is Nyx soft matte lip cream long-lasting?

My Views-

YES!!! NYX Soft matte lip cream highlights include:

Sets to a smooth

Soft matte completion

Pleasantly scented and superbly velvety

Lightweight and durable

Query7. Are Nyx soft matte lip creams vegan?

My Views-

Yes, as I mentioned in the above query, NYX Cosmetics is a cruelty-free cosmetic brand! None of NYX Cosmetics fixings, details, or completed items are tried on animals, anyplace on the planet. Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that NYX Cosmetics is claimed by L’Oreal, a parent partnership that tests on animals when legally necessary.

Query8. What is Nyx cream lipstick?

My Views-

Nyx Cream Lipstick– A cousin of Nyx sheer lipstick, cream lipstick coasts on effectively and furnishes an ideal offset of the surface with a trace of shine. While sheer lipstick is higher in oil, cream lipstick is higher in wax, giving it a more noteworthy level of the backbone.

Query9. Is Nyx lipstick long-lasting?

My Views-

YES!! As mentioned above, NYX Soft matte lip cream highlights include:

Sets to a smooth, Soft matte completion, Pleasantly scented and superbly velvety, Lightweight and durable 😉

Query10. What is the best Nyx lipstick?

My Views-

I’m mentioning a few NYX Cosmetics best lipsticks newbies should give these a try 😉

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Lip Lingerie NYX Seduction Swatch

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