About Us

Hello + Welcome
The NYX Lipstick is a style and wonder blog created by Aanchal in 2020 in INDIA.

What’s within the name?

“NYX Lipstick” isn’t almost blogging, it’s about overall attitude and confidence. There’s something about the proper pop of lipstick or easy style tweak to vary your overall look (and more importantly, how you feel) in a moment.

People are always keen to understand various things, ideas, creativity, or information associated with them, which may be for those to whom they’re connected. We are here to supply information with our general ideas or reviews which give positive and valuable feedback for them. So, they know more and spread the knowledge with others also.

We deliver optimistic and diversified knowledge, experiences, and point of view to our smart, curious, and passionate audience.

To collaborate or for general inquiries please email aanchal@nyxlipstick.com